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Radio training pact for theology students

The Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Dr. Jackson Ole Sapit welcomed the partnership adding that technology is changing evangelism and it’s no longer about sharing the gospel on the pulpit alone and
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Testimony from Tanzania: My five blessings after listening to Neno Litaendelea (TTB Swahili) Teachings

I am a Tanzanian and I live in Kigoma Province. My heart has given me this strong conviction to write to you this letter..... I have learned to be tolerant and having patience when am faced with life challenges. I acknowledge that despite all God will see me through just as He did to
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Trans World Radio Kenya family extol Rev Wainaina

During the day we would be together facilitating a training and in the evening as we go to our room to sleep you would hear him say I am going to......Rev can drive you until the road is no more but you still move
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Pastor hosts TWR Kenya conference 18 years after leading him to Christ in a radio rally.

on the day of the rally he was there at the stadium by noon even though the official time for the rally was 4 pm. When the pastor was invited to preach, he felt.......
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My Testimony: I forgave my parents after listening to Neno Litaendelea (TTB Swahili) sermons.

They were sleeping hungry and were moving from one home to another looking for a place to sleep. This was because in 1985 when my father retired, the company paid him some money and..........
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Hekima FM’s dawn devotion blessing

While preparing I bear in mind that I am I have this listener who has not slept the whole night because the previous day he went to bed with a heavy heart ...........
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More than any other time in our elections cycle, the body of Christ really rose up in prayer for peace before these elections......

Sermon by Dr. Sam Gordon

“We are who we are is because He is who He is.”
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A thirst in the desert

Imagine being a farm labourer in an area that is still regarded as a marginalized area, on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Your employers do not allow you to leave their premises and as a foreigner............