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Walking Through The Bible on Radio

I can’t walk to church but I have a Radio Pastor who takes me for a truthful journey through the bible". That is how he recommended Rugendo to me. As producers of Radio programs, its always not easy to realize the true impact of your programs not unless you

World Cerebral Palsy Day: No! My daughter is not bewitched

5th of October is an International Public Awareness day for Cerebral Palsy condition. CP is a condition that affects the motor part of the brain hence making movement and posture tough. Purity’s grandfather believes that there is a concoction of herbs that can cure her granddaughter to make her to stand and walk.

TWR Vice President for Africa culminates Kenya visit by meeting listeners

The month of September will remain a red letter month in the calendar of Trans World Radio Kenya as it’s the month we have been honored with a three day visit by Trans World Radio International Vice President for Africa Mr. Branko Bjelajac alongside TWR East Africa Region Director Mr Egide Bandyatuyaga.

TWR Kenya & Partners taking The Bible to the minority thru Audio

On June 6th in 2012 the Sabaot tribe celebrated the official launch of the Sabaot bible after years of research, editing, translation and printing. This was a welcomed move especially by the community and the clergy since 90 % of the community profess to Christianity as published by the Joshua Research Project.

African clerics to step up gospel work through media

Religious leaders and radio managers from various churches in Africa have resolved to step up evangelisation work beyond churches through the mainstream and social media. This was announced at an ongoing Africa by Radio Continental Convention 2016 that is taking place in Kigali.

Listening apart but with a shared Life Transformation

Trans World Radio Kenya broadcasts could be dating back to as early as 1980’s but the impact it had on people’s lives in the past, is still present as testified by these two listeners who listened and continue listen to the programs miles apart but share a similar life transformation from the broadcasts.
Sifa FM Voi

Meet Sifa FM Kilifi Fans Club President Pastor Safari Beja

Kenya may boast of having had a tremendous growth in the Radio industry by having over 100 Radio Stations broadcasting in the country, reaching 32 million Kenyans. However thanks be to God none of these stations can claim to have very passionate and loyal listeners like those of SIFA 107.7 FM VOI who to prove their loyalty have four fans clubs presidents.
Project Hannah

Project Hannah Kenya Prayers Testimonies

Encouraging Testimonies from the women who have seen their prayers answered through the Project Hannah prayer groups. First speaker PASTOR RITA a women coordinator testifies how they prayed for their member who had lost her only child and had was on the verge of giving up..she is now about to deliver an CHRISTINE Testifies how she prayed for God to deliver her from her violent marriage despite the beatings she continued to pray until one day her husband woke up a changed man and started going to Church...
Sifa FM Voi

The Judge Gave Me a Life Sentence, but God granted me favor

It’s always the desire and wish of every suspect in courtroom that the judgment will find them innocent and even if found guilty the sentence wouldn’t deny them freedom for long. Just try and imagine the thoughts you would have when you stand at the dock and the judge says “…..I here hereby find you guilty and sentence you to life imprisonment.” Well this not fiction but the real life testimony of Manyani Maximum Prison Mass Choir leader brother Mwacharo Mzee Movee. Who more than five years ago was sentenced to life imprisonment and at that moment thought all was lost.