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How a childhood healing from a 'bewitched paralysis' led a listener to Christ

From being left paralyzed after getting knocked down by a naked cleric then God using a blind Evangelist to heal him after nothing seemed to work to later embracing Christianity and going to


Marsabit County is Kenya’s biggest county and its name is possibly from the Amharic word 'Marsa bet' (Meaning Marsa's home/house) and is believed to have been named after a farmer named 'Marsa' (ethnically Burji) who was brought to Marsabit from Mega (in Ethiopia) by the Consul to assist in the consolidation of farming and permanent settlement on the slopes of Mount Marsabit

SIFA CONNECT SERIES: 12 Years of Gods Faithfulness

Voi station was the first of the SIFA FM station that was founded by Transworld radio Kenya with the support of friends and Partners of Transworld Radio Kenya. We are grateful for 12 years of support
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Boost for Trans World Radio Kenya’s FM network as 2 reporters qualify for pandemic reporting grants.

In relation to his entry, Dennis Kemboi will focus his reporting on Hekima FM listeners displaced by raging floods amid the Corona Virus pandemic confining people to their homes . While Albert Mwanyasi of Sifa FM focus on achieving a healthy diet in

SIFA CONNECT SERIES: Lamu 'Heaven on Earth'

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the name Lamu? Perhaps you have never heard of the name and so your first instinct is to refer to Google, right? Sadly, the top stories you will read about Lamu are terror attacks that have been a constant threat to the stability of the island and like a never-ending plague have caused suffering in the region. Well, allow me to show you a different side of Lamu.

Speaking Pleasant words to the broken in spirit

The church has a special role to play with regard to mental illness. Allow me to rephrase! YOU AND I, WE HAVE A SPECIAL ROLE TO PLAY WITH REGARD TO MENTAL ILLNESS.
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Media is Not Cancelled: Urban Church services go digital as Marsabit Pastors turn to TWR Kenya’s SIFA FM for Radio Church Service

Suddenly almost every Pastor knows something about Facebook Live, Zoom Conferencing, You Tube live, WhatsApp group video call, Google meet, Insta live etc. For urban areas with strong internet has been more advantageous as compared to Pastors serving in marginalized
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MY Testimony: I abandoned my life in crime & joined Pastor in the journey thru the Bible on Radio.

I was a known village thief. I would steal from people then use the money to indulge in alcohol. I had a crime partner & everyone knew.........
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COVID 19: Together we can flatten the curve & end Corona

At Transworld Radio Kenya, we care for your well being and that of your families. We believe that as we pray with and for you, it would be wise for us to share with you a few tips that can prevent the spread of the Corona Virus.