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Leading by Example : A tribute for Rev. Stephen Boakye-Yiadom

He led us by living out servant leadership every day. When Stephen passed away suddenly in 2006, leaders from all over Africa came to his funeral. We all agreed...........

He will wipe away every tear

It’s the second week of sharing testimonies from our trip to Kakuma refugee camp a few weeks ago. However, allow me to talk about something that we all have experienced before. Death! Yes, death

We need Bibles in our own languages

The moment they saw us with a camera they posed and requested that we take their photo. We then had an opportunity to talk to them.

Stregnth Of A Turkana Woman

Ewoi Akuta is the perfect example of the immense strength that mothers have. Ewoi is a Turkana (native community that is playing host to the refugees). Her name means wedding in Turkana. She is 52 years old and a mother of seven (six boys and one girl).


As we live life, we want to have a feeling that there’s much awaiting us. At times it’s a genuine feeling to have; it allows us to stretch forth to achieve greatness within us. Some of the things that we have been ordained to fulfil through God.

Hope in Kakuma Refuge camp

We would like to introduce you to the listeners and a little about who they are in the next few weeks. Our first story is about a man who has shared the Hope of Christ in Kakuma Refugee camp.


I hear this term and relationship comes to mind. I remember how I was crying to God in the morning and saying how I dit feel as though I had the strength to live out what he has set for me.

Children’s program meets a growing need

In the spirit of thanksgiving for thus far, God has brought Transworld Radio Kenya Programs. Join us in praising God for a children's program that has been meeting a growing need for children's programs.

AIC Milimani Church Visit

To the average Kenyan who grew up in the 1980s’ or 1990s, almost every Sunday evening the then only national broadcaster would either begin with a bulletin of former President Moi attending a Church Service at AIC Milimani or in Kabarak. Although associated with the who is who in the days gone by that attended Church services there, AIC Milimani is not an imposing structure that speaks of wealth. It is a simple place of worship just like many big Cathedrals in the country. It is here that TWR Kenya was privileged to be part of its Sunday worship on Sunday 28 July 2019.