AfCAA: Unlocking Africa’s potential & augmenting accountability in Organizations

High corruption index and lack of proper accountability structures in African countries have led to the dwindling of public trust on organizations...Burdened by the need to remove the generalization tag by separating the good from the bad through accountability just as it was being done in other continents


L-R Peter Mugendi, Emily Chengo, Bernice Gatere, Stella Mutegi & Valentine Gitoho pose for a photo with the acrreditation certificate

May 18th will remain to be a red letter day in the history of World Radio Kenya, it was a day full pomp and color as it set to receive her accreditation certificate from the African Council for Accreditation and Accountability (AfCAA) after months of vetting.

High corruption index and lack of proper accountability structures in African countries have led to the dwindling of public trust on organizations thus making local resource mobilization an herculean task for resource mobilisers. As result Africa has been unable to unlock its potential despite the growing demand for shift a from donor funding dependency, most Christian organizations have lost their tax exemption status and some countries like Kenya have also experienced conflict between the religious organizations and the government with the introduction of accountability measures to regulate religious organizations and churches.

Burdened by the need to remove the generalization tag by separating the good from the bad through accountability just as it was being done in other continents like in the USA through the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, AfCAA was founded by a multi-disciplinary Steering Committee with representatives from eight countries spanning Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa namely: Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Togo and Uganda alongside other three Pan African Organizations in April 2013 in Nairobi Kenya.

Under the slogan Enhancing Accountability” as published on their website, AfCAA aims to unlock Africa’s potential by building on public trust through adherence to 7 set out biblical standards namely;

Doctrinal Foundation which requires very member to operate in accordance to biblical truths and practices, and subscribe to a written statement of faith clearly affirming a commitment to the evangelical Christian faith.

Leadership and governance which requires every member to be governed by a responsible, accountable Board of not less than five individuals, the majority of whom shall be independent.

Talent Management which requires every member to attract talented, honest and committed persons into its workforce using fair, transparent and equitable processes and seek to place its people in roles that are aligned with their gifting and expertise.

Learning and Innovation where each member is expected to promote a learning environment where critical thinking and dialogue are encouraged and celebrated.

Cultural Differences, Acceptance and Interdependence where member will foster a culture of acceptance, unity, love and compassion where individuals are not discriminated against because of their gender, origin, age, disability, ethnicity or race.

Financial Management and Disclosure: In this standard it will be important for every member observe proper preparation and disclosure of financial statements which are the key components of transparency as they deter improper diversion of funds and other misdeeds, provide a defense to critics and serve as a witness to both believers and nonbelievers.

Resource Mobilization- In this standard members will be expected to exercise transparency in Donor or Investor Expectations, Truthfulness in Communication, Use of Funds, Projects Unrelated to a Member’s Primary Purpose, Acknowledgment of Gifts-in-Kind.

L-R TWR K Dir. Bernice Gatere, Pastor James Karichu of TTB Gikuyu, AfCAA Dir. Emily Chengo & board member Peter Mugendi

When Trans World begun the accreditation process in mid last year it had never anticipated that the step by step process would take long. “We had thought the journey will be short so that by October as we celebrated our 40 years anniversary we would get our certificate but it turned out to be a vigorous process with a lot of questions and documents taking ten months” Said Trans world Radio Kenya Executive Director Mrs. Bernice Gatere during the awarding ceremony at TWR Kenya offices. Sentiments that were also echoed by AfCAA’s Executive Director Mrs. Emily Chengo.

Claps of excitement rented the room when TWR Kenya Executive Director was invited by Mr.Peter Mugendi who is a member of AfCAA’s Finance and Standards Committee to receive the accreditation certificate presented by AfCAA’s board chair Mrs.Valentine Gitoho.

In her remarks Mrs Gitoho who is also a member of TWR International Board took the guests through the history of AfCAA and the seven biblical standards that members are required to adhere to so as to enhance accountability to help in unlocking an organization's potential and reinstating the public trust. Adding that even the bible tells us in Malachi 3 that there will come a time when we will need to distinguish the good from evil. Also that the membership will expand TWR Kenya partnerships networks as it will feature in AfCAA’s global forums.

Mr Mugendi also emphasized that as Christians we are the people with the motivation and higher calling for excellence hence we need to be the pace setters in organizations work ethics instead of borrowing from models set by the secular world. Adding that alongside the accreditation TWR Kenya was also going to be awarded a Charter certificate.

L TWR Kenya Friends and partners pose for a photo. R- Staff & guests listening to the remarks.

“As TWR Kenya all we do through our programs is seek to honor God, so we want to do it in a way that we are accountable with what God has entrusted us with as His stewards.” Explained TWR Kenya executive Director as she thanked all the friends and partners who had graced the occassion.

Other than TWR Kenya and SIFA FM team others who were present were Seintje Veldhais Feed The Children Kenya Regional Director & her Communications manager Edna Onchiri, AfCAA staff, TWR Kenya Board member Stella Mutegi, and representative from Erastus & Company Auditors, alongside many other friends and partners of the ministry.

AfCAA's Board chair Mrs Gitoho handing over the Charter certificate to TWR Kenya Dir. Bernice as TWR board member Mrs Stella Mutegi watches

Written By Geoffrey Otieno
May 22nd, 2017Geoffrey Otieno