The Bible Testimony: TWR Kenya fulfills her listener’s dream

Before I knew that I was going to receive anything, on Sunday 5th February early in the morning around 4 AM, I had a dream and in the dream someone gave me a bible and I tied it to my bicycle and.......

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For close to 30 years, Patrick Barasa has been listening to Trans World Radio Kenya programs from his village in Kabomboi in Kwanza Constituency on the outskirts of Kitale town in Trans Nzoia County. The bible teachings and inspirations through the TWR Shortwave broadcasts and partnering Stations like Imani Radio have catapulted his thirst for the Word. This is the zeal that lead him to write a letter to Trans world Radio Kenya on December 7th 2016 requesting if he could get Spiritual Enriching books and a Bible.

By the time the letter arrived in Nairobi the office had already closed for Christmas and that meant his request could only be handled in mid-January when Audience Relations Department dispatched a parcel to Kambi Ndege Primary School ( he was using the school’s postal address). His testimonial reply back to us reaffirmed the words of William Cowper’s 1779 Olney hymns that God moves in mysterious ways also commonly referred to as God works in mysterious ways.

He Wrote

Dear Trans World Radio Kenya,

Receive my many greetings in the Name of Christ. I was so happy when I received a Bible from you. Thank you so much and my God bless you for the good work of spreading the gospel. God will reward you at His own timing for sacrificing your resources for His work.

Before I knew that I was going to receive anything, on Sunday 5th February early in the morning around 4 AM, I had a dream and in the dream someone gave me a bible and I tied it to my bicycle and went with it and the dream suddenly ended. Later on I shared the dream with my wife but she did not say anything. When I went to our church Jehovah Christian Church, I waited for testimonies time and a shared the dream I had that morning and I felt that they had assumed that it was just a normal dream. We went home after the service.

When it reached Monday, I woke up and went to look for grass for my cows because the ongoing drought has dried up all the grass in the farms and alongside the roads. In the evening I cycled my way home with the grass and when I arrived I found my wife and children outside and then my wife told one of our children , “Go and bring that envelope so that your father can show us what is inside, although I suspect it could be a bible”.

The child rushed to the house as the rest eagerly waited to see what it was. When the child came back, I hurriedly threw the grass on the mat and I received the envelope and I sat on a bench that I made adjacent to the house. I opened the envelope as the watched in a muted awe. The first thing I removed was a bible, then some devotional books and letter you had written to me. Suddenly they all broke down in cheerful laughter’s as they struggled to get the bible from me and in jubilation they turned this words into a song “Pastor! Pastor! Pastor! Today they have brought you a bible” as I also bragged and told my wife.. ‘’ Yesterday I told you that I had a dream that someone gave me a bible. Now it’s no longer a dream, it was the Holy Spirit telling me the truth, Oh! The Holy Spirit can reveal to me what is coming.”

My dear, I desire a lot to know more about the Holy Spirit and am also a Sunday school teacher for children of different ages. Some of them are still very young and they need books that have a lot of drawings and pictures so that they can understand and be happy. Others are in primary schools and children bibles would be more ideal.

I would greatly appreciate if you can help me get Bibles and Bible Study materials that have pictures and drawings for the children.

Regards. Patrick Barasa

Patrick's testimony alongside others is prove enough that the hunger for the word is still real and it’s our responsibility as servants of Christ to ensure that the gospel reaches all the corners the world. On that note we would like to thank all our friends and partners who have continually supported to meet the cost of acquiring and distribution of Bibles, literatures, production and sponsoring of our radio programs. Thus standing true to the words of Corinthians 3:9 "For we are God’s fellow workers. You are God’s field, God’s building."

Indeed you have made it possible to fulfil many ‘Bible dreams’ and touch many lives.

NB The letter has been translated from Swahili to English

By Geoffrey Otieno
April 4th, 2017Geoffrey Otieno