Children’s program meets a growing need

In the spirit of thanksgiving for thus far, God has brought Transworld Radio Kenya Programs. Join us in praising God for a children's program that has been meeting a growing need for children's programs.


In the spirit of thanksgiving for thus far, God has brought Transworld Radio Kenya Programs. Join us in praising God for a children's program that has been meeting a growing need for children's programs.

In 2017, through your support, we began airing of a children’s program, Hadithi Hai za Bibilia (Bible stories Alive). The 10-minute program is designed to teach children the word of God through the narrations of bible stories from Genesis to Revelation. The program airs every Saturday 8.00am to 8.15am on Maata 101.9FM Lodwar and SIFA FM Voi 107.7

DSC_0141.JPG Children from Lodwar

The program over the past two years has grown its audience reach from children as young as 6 years to senior citizens. We thank God for your support through prayer and finances that has enabled us to follow Christ’s instruction in.

Mark 10:14-16

When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them.

As you read through the testimonies from the program, we pray that God will bless you more and more.

Lazarus, 11 years, Voi

He has been listening to the program for a long time, and he participates every day. The class six boy who is in class seven says, “what attracts me most in the program, is the short stories which are narrated during the program. I use my Dad’s phone to send SMS to the studio immediately after the program. Thank you for the English Bible as a present from the program and also a file.”

DSC_0044.JPG Presenter Ndege and Children from Lodwar

Stephen, 26 years from Kwale.

“I love the program so much. I know the program is for children but I love the lessons and the lady who presents it does it in a nice way. Also, I love that the stories are exactly the way they are in the bible and It feels like I am reading through the whole bible since we began in Genesis.” Maganga, 39, Voi He shared with us a testimony of how his children did not love going to Sunday school. He was struggling to make then attend the classes and grow in the word. He came across the Bible stories alive program in June 2018 and he would make his children listen in. He was so grateful to the team for production that has made his children enjoy bible stories. He said that their enthusiasm for Sunday school has grown since they learn lessons on Saturday from the program and so when they go to class on Sunday it’s a continuation of the lessons. He has a daughter and son who are in class 4 and 6 respectively.

Mary , Kunam

“I am listening to the program and I am so happy and blessed. I come from Kunam and I would like to appreciate how you have been blessing me with the program and inspiring us to learn the word of God.”

Jayden, 15 years, Nakwams

Today I have learnt that:

•When we give we should give out of our best

•We should not be jealous of our brothers or neighbors

•When we do wrong things we are punished by GOD or our parents

Monica, 12 years, Lodwar

“Praise God Hadithi Hai (Bible stories Alive). Thank you for the program I am learning a lot. I feel bad that I have been unable to join the other children during the live program to talk about the lessons taught. This is because of the increased heat; the school normally finishes the lessons at 1pm once we break for lunch we are done with the day which is sad to be breaking at mid-day from school. So even coming to the station is hard because we have very little food given to us in school and even at home. Please continue to pray for us. “

DSC_0218.JPG Young girl from Lodwar

John, Kunam

“Good morning Madam, I can hear you from town (Kunam). Thank you for giving the children a platform to share the word of God and also sharing with them wonderful biblical lessons and stories. I am inspired and grateful.”

Mercy from Voi.

Praise God, my name is Mercy. I want to share a testimony. A few weeks ago my radio got spoilt. This was a nightmare since my children loved listening to the Hadithi Hair program every Saturday. For two Saturdays they were sad and kept going to our neighbour’s house in order to listen to the program. I thank God that I was finally able to buy a radio and now the children are enjoying the program from home. Thank you Sifa FM, for always airing programs for our children. At least there is hope for our children.

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August 30th, 2019Libby Ndambo