Church Relations Praise Report

“Thank you for coming and sharing with us the word of God. I am also grateful to finally get a new bible.I have read and used it for so many years that most of the pages are falling off. I am so glad I got a Swahili bible that I will cherish. Also, please promise to come next Sunday and all other Sundays, you have been a blessing to us.” Mercy – Member of A.I.C Mowlem (KPCU)

A famous quote by Joyce Meyer says,

'Do you look forward to going to church, or is it something you do out of obligation.'

I don’t know about you but, one of my most fulfilling experiences is going to church and fellowshipping with other believers. What is even more exciting is visiting new churches and experiencing God with them.

Through your support to Transworld Radio Kenya, we have the opportunity to visit different churches all over the country; that always excites me. Why?

Pastor Tanui preaching at AIC Donholm

Well, African churches have diverse ways of experiencing the presence of the Lord, especially during worship sessions. Some churches have full instrumental bands and professional singers, while others have a little boy playing with an oversized piano alone.

Some churches sing hymns, while others have new age pop Christian songs in their lineup. In addition to diverse praise and worship sessions,

No matter what church I visit, I am always left in awe of what God is doing in the lives of his children.

As you read this report of the online pastors training that we held or the various church visits we have had this year through your prayers and support, I hope you'll celebrate with us the doing of the Lord.


Online Pastors Training – 9th April 2021

Those were the opening words in our newsletter report published a month before the online seminar on issues in African cultures that challenge pastoral ministry in Africa.

On Friday, 9 April 2021, sixty -five people attended the online pastors training. These were pastors and church leaders from across Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, Burundi, the United Kingdom etc.

Mr John Ng’ang’a and Dr Oliver Kisaka of CORAT Africa were the keynote speakers. Mr Ng’ang’a laid bare the different aspects of the African cultures with a negative impact on Christian growth and Christian living on this continent. Some of the emotive issues any African will face include marriage ceremonies, burial ceremonies, births of children and the general issues around fear of the dead. There are even those that venerate the dead! The big question was, how does one extricate him/herself when a whole community insists that a ceremony must be performed, lest a curse befalls them? It is here that even some Church pastors get to struggle. Dr Kisaka called on Church leaders to grow a culture of sound discipleship that will make Bible believers be well-grounded in the Bible message and not be swayed by the pull of some aspects of our African culture.

It was observed that the pull of African cultures made many pastors struggle, and the congregants turn lukewarm in Christian practice. In addition to that, ancestral worship is slowly rising in some communities in Kenya. Many young people are being lured away from the Christian faith and pastors must quickly design programs to strengthen Bible discipleship. 

Many of those that participated wanted help in identifying tale-tell signs that they are being swayed away from Christianity and the Bible message. Mr Ng’ang’a and Dr Kisaka helped participants how to identify the red flags.

In conclusion, African culture is similar across the entire continent of Africa. The challenges faced in West Africa are like the ones in East or Southern Africa. This should make it easier for Pastors and evangelists on the continent to be trained on how to tackle these issues that affect Christian growth in Africa.



“We appreciate your coming, your ministry and the gifts of God’s word. May our Gracious God enable the seeds planted by you to grow. #GospelCentered #ChristExalting”

A.I.C Donholm


Church members of AIC Donholm

Since the announcement of COVID 19 in Kenya in March 2020, the department of Church Relations did not visit any churches until 20th June 2020 when A.I.C Donholm in Eastlands of Nairobi opened her doors for us. Through your prayers and constant communication with the pastors of the church, the Lord granted TWR-K the opportunity to be part of her congregation for three services.

TWR-K team led by Enos Changulo got the opportunity to share with the congregation what Transworld is doing for the Lord by speaking hope through the airwaves. Members were excited to be reminded of their famous program that was aired on KBC “Neno Litaendelea”. It was an opportunity for TWR to let the church know that the program is back on air on KBC Radio Taifa and Sifa FM Stations.


A church member of AIC Donhom receiving a bible

To crown the presentation from TWR-K, the congregations were reminded of a sermon by Pastor Tanui about the Benefits of Owning, Reading, and Obeying the word of God in the Bible. The message resounded the mission of TWR-Kenya, “speaking hope to the world.” The congregants were further to listen to God by reading the Bible, His Word, and His breath (2 Tim. 3:14-17).

After every service, the team were engaged by gifting the congregation with Bibles for their use in both church service and home Bible Studies. The team was later treated with a special luncheon by the church together with their pastoral team and the leadership of the church.


“Thank you for coming and sharing with us the word of God. I am also grateful to finally get a new bible. The one I have, I have read and used for so many years that most of the pages are falling off. I am so glad I got a Swahili bible that I will cherish. Also, please promise to come next Sunday and all other Sundays, you have been a blessing to us.”

Mercy – Member of A.I.C Mowlem (KPCU)

Church members of AIC Mowlem

On 27th July 2021, TWR-K had the opportunity to visit A.I.C Mowlem (KPCU) in Dandora, Eastlands area. TWR team which represented the organization received a warm welcome from the Senior Pastor of the church Rev. Dr Sammy Muthoka. The team found a warm reception from the members of the church who were fully aware of our mission during the Sunday Service. The entire congregation were blessed by a sermon delivered by Enos entitled “Thank You.” The church was challenged not to take for granted the things that are given to them by God. They were encouraged to be thankful at all times and for everything like the Leper who came to thank Jesus for his healing (Luke 17:11-19). 


Pastor Tanui from Transworld RADIO Kenya speaking to congregants of AIC Mowlem

As we share the programs that TWR-Kenya runs, we found that two-thirds of the congregation had had an opportunity to listen to the TRW-K famous program “Na Neno Litaendea.” 

Among the many programs that we shared with the church and her leadership, the senior pastor has expressed interest to have all pastor and PA handlers of each church in his area of jurisdiction and the District Church Council to be trained by the TWR team. This training is underway and will start in a few weeks. 


Enos Changulo (church relations) presenting a gift of Christian books to the AIC Mowlem leadership.

The team got a chance to interact with the members of both morning and afternoon services who were excited to take some gifts of the Bibles for themselves and their relatives.
August 5th, 2021Libby Ndambo