Dorothy Devotion Radio Program pioneers ‘Kanyariri-yurumwe’ house fellowship

We started sharing on the inspirations and teachings that we have received from the program during the church fellowship and we all agreed that we need to have another ...............

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Joseph waweru receives a Tecsun Radio from Pastor James Karichu of Rugendo

For more than four years now since he surrendered his life to Christ, Radio devotions have played key role in the spiritual life of Joseph Waweru.

One of those programs that he gives great credit to is Dorothy Daily Devotion also known as **“Tabarira ya Dorothy”**in Gikuyu that is produced by Trans World Radio Kenya and aired on CORO FM our partnering Station. The program has led to the formation of a house to house Thursday fellowship as he recently shared during a visit to TWR Kenya offices.

This is how it started- “For a very long time now I have been listening to devotional programs on Coro FM and as I result of that I frequently started calling the Station to pray, answer the bible questions, and also to send a wake up messages in the morning. The presenters and listeners become familiar with my voice and my location that is Kanyariri Sub-location Kabete Constituency in Kiambu County.

I remember three years ago CORO FM introduced to us a 10 minutes devotional program by Njeri Thuku called Tabarira ya Dorothy, I really loved the program from the first day I heard it, although the program only runs for ten minutes, its full of inspirations and clear message from our Creator. Every week day morning I have always ensued that I wake up very early in the morning so that by 5:45 Am I am ready with my notebook and bible ready to listen to the word and take notes so that I can refer to them later when am reading my bible or preaching. I also ensure that I have spare dry cells when I suspect that the ones I have are working on low battery power.

Then one day two years ago I called the station during a morning devotional program by comes before Tabarira ya Dorothy. I requested the presenter Wambui wa Migwi if she could talk to Njeri wa Thuku to go beyond 10 minutes, she promised to follow it up and she also asked me to forward the request directly to Njeri using the contacts that she usually gives at the end of the program. Later on I talked to Njeri, thanked her for the program and forwarded my request.

After the call, I came to realize that my request came on behalf many listeners of the program. Roselyn Wamboi listener who is my neighbor and Church member heard my request, she came and shared during a church fellowship of how program has been of great blessing to her spiritual life and she always ensures that she never misses it. We started sharing on the inspirations and teachings that we have received from the program during the church fellowship and we all agreed that we need to have another fellowship where the listeners of Dorothy can meet and discuss and share how they understood the message as well us read together in-depth the quoted bible chapters and thus Kanyariri-yurumwe House Fellowship (translated to mean Kanyariri oneness fellowship) was birthed with me as the coordinator.

L-R Joseph receives a bible from Geoffrey Otieno, in the studio with pastor James Karichu

Currently we have grown to 14 members comprising of 11 women and 3 men and we started by meeting every Thursday from 3 to 5 PM. During the rotational meetings at our members’ houses we do praise & worship, pray for one another before we get to share the word that in most cases is inspired by the Dorothy Devotion programs.

In these two years, this fellowship has been a blessing and I have also seen and experienced spiritual growth & confidence build up in me and our members for example some of our members used to struggle to read the bible but nowadays they can confidently stand before the congregation, read and share the word. Even the church leaders have noticed and nowadays they are also involved in the church programs e.g. doing the readings and prayers. All this this thanks to Tabarira Ya Dorothy.

I am really grateful that today I have been able to visit Trans World Radio Kenya and met the faces behind Dorothy Devotion as well as meet Pastor James Karichu of Rugendo (Thru The Bible Gikuyu), I cant wait to share this news with our fellowship members. I also thank God that I have received bibles spirituals enriching books like Food for Faith & Quest for God alongside getting a studio experience. This is a day I will never forget in my life. This is indeed an answered prayer since not everyone in our fellowship has a bible and am sure the books will also help us spiritually. May God continue to bless the work of your hands.

For spiritual nourishment, you can now listen to Dorothy Devotion through the following channels.

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Writer: Geoffrey Otieno

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