Excitement galore as Neno Litaendelea program makes a home comeback on Radio KBC

Do you remember listening to this sign off on the National Swahili broadcaster (Radio KBC) “Ni mimi Mchungaji wako Geoffrey Wanjala Munialo Na Neno Litaendelea.”? Well you don’t have to answer if you already know which of Trans World Radio Kenya programs am reffering to.

as a Pastor vows to adopt it for his Church Bible Study.

Do you remember listening to this sign off on the National Swahili broadcaster (Radio KBC) “Ni mimi Mchungaji wako Geoffrey Wanjala Munialo Na Neno Litaendelea.”? Well you don’t have to answer if you already know which of Trans World Radio Kenya programs am reffering to.

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Well for close to 30 years now Trans World Kenya has taken millions of listeners in Kenya, Tanzania, Northern Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo and other parts world for walk through the Bible in Swahili through the adoption of the Thru The Bible Radio series(TTB).

When the journey started in 1992 in Kenya, the only Station available that could reach almost all the corners of the country was the National broadcaster and so Trans World Radio Kenya introduced the Nation to the Bible through the program. Those years Radio was the most valued communicator and a well-protected household gadget. For some it could only be switched on by the leader of the house while in other areas you could only find one serving a whole community and it had a special place where it was kept.

As a result of the wide listenership and the unavailability of Bibles, Neno became the Church, the Bible, the Pastor, the missionary and the main evangelizer that introduced many to Christ and transformer of many lives as it focused on the Word that could be listened by anyone regardless of your religion or denomination. If we were to number the testimonies it would range in millions because the journey through the bible has never stopped to date.

On a fast-forward, with growth in broadcasting and a shift from Short Wave to FM broadcasting brought in options in online broadcasting and the establishment of more FM stations including the Trans World Radio Kenya’s SIFA FM network. The journey adopted a more targeted approach, as there was a shift in listenership due to the flooded airwaves.

Other than transmitting on the TWR Shortwave Broadcasts, targeted approach aslo allowed other partnering Stations in and outside Kenya to independently run the through the bible series. The approach meant that some former listeners could no longer listen to the program on Radio not unless they had a CD player, internet access to log in to the TWR 360 App or TTB website. Others may have also shifted to areas where the local vernacular Station or regional based stations had taken over the National broadcaster. But despite these the one question we have always battled is: “Where did Neno go and when is it coming back to Radio KBC ?”

Mid this year the Lord answered the prayers and its now all systems go beginning November 2nd at 5 AM the journey through the Bible will be back to where it all started Radio KBC-Sauti ya Mkenya. Ever since we made this announcement on our social Media platforms, we have been receiving more and more phone calls, text messages, and online interactions from jubilant listeners some of whom became born again or went ahead and became Pastors or ministry leaders because of the Neno foundation.

Below are some of the messages we have been receiving. ☺☺☻

I used to follow this program very much when I was at home in Tanzania. There is a Radio called The Voice of the Gospel that used to run it. Now I am very happy that I will be able to listen to the preaching while here in Kenya. May God bless you – Ezekiel

Ever since, I heard this news I have been the happiest Pastor in Bungoma County because this has been my prayer need for a very long time. Neno Litaendelea made me grow deeper into the Word and after it went off KBC and I started listening to other Radio preachings, my thirst has never been quenched like Neno did. Last Sunday I made the comeback announcement in Church and the congregation broke into songs of praises as they were very happy to hear the good news because it has been our prayer need. I got the news through Trans World Radio Kenya's Pastors Whatsapp group. Infact we were planning to start a Bible Study program and the Church has agreed to adopt the program as our Bible study guide and everyday we will be listening. Our Bible Study will be based on the episodes - Pastor Oliver

Thank you God for such a blessed news. This is a prayer come true. I have been listening through the website but now I know more people will be blessed.- Ronald

It is God's best time to get an opportunity to listen to the Bible journey again. -Zack

Ooh My heart is coming back thank you God. –Dapash

This program is what pulled me to the media world.- Mary

I really miss the program. You made me to love God’s word and also surrendered my life to Christ. Welcome back -Mercy

I loved this program back then. The best news.!!! -Jaypee

I am ready to be taught the Word of God, be blessed Amen -Kelwa

Can't believe it. Listened to the Neno program way back from years mid 90s from first preachers Peter Kimani, Githumbi Maina up to later Geoffrey Wanjala Munialo. -William

Neno litaendelea by Pastor Geofrey wanjala munialo. l like listening to this gospel from through an FM station in Kitale from Monday to Saturday .Word by word from the bible. Genesis to Revelation and through this program l have now known the bible. Blessings. -Wanyonyi

Wooooow!! Thank you LORD, had missed this program hearing NENO.. I am blessed to get the link to reconnect to the powerful Neno time. Thank you I missed it now I found you,so I will listen to the voice of the Lord through the servant of God Wanjala Munialo. You are a blessing Pastor Thank you -Kirui

I have been listening toPastor Munialo for many years now. If I get a Swahili Bible, it also will benefit me a lot. This will be reminiscing memories with the Pastor. -Henry

On behalf of Trans World Kenya we say a big thank you to all who have extended their financial support and prayers towards this prayer need. May God Bless you as we invite you to start the journey beginning 2nd November 5 AM on Radio KBC - Sauti ya Mkenya through the following FM frequencies

92.9 FM: Nairobi,Central,South Rift Valley & Eastern Provinces, 90.4 FM: Meru, Isiolo & Laikipia,88.6 FM: Nyanza, Western & Central Rift Valley,100.8 FM: Mombasa, 87.7 FM: Nyeri, Mt Kenya & Eastern Kenya, 104.1 FM: Nakuru, 103.3 FM: Kisii, 90.1 FM: Malindi 93.3 FM: Kapenguria, Kacheliba, Kitale, Eldoret, Kabarnet & Marakwet, 104.5 FM: Western, Nyanza & Eastern Uganda,96.9 FM: Voi, Taveta, Wundanyi, Loitokitok, Mtito Andei, Machinery, Kibwezi na Kilifi, 89.9 FM: Namanga & Northern Tanzania, 88.6 FM: Lodwar, 89.3 FM: Lokichoggio, 93.1 FM: Garsen, Hola, Witu, Mpeketoni, Lamu, Manda Island, Mokowe, Faza island Gongoni, 92.9 FM: Naivasha, Mai Mahiu, Suswa, Mau Narok, Gilgil & Ol kalou

November 1st, 2020Geoffrey Otieno