Fellowship with a Radio program pioneered house bible study group

I cannot describe the kind of blessings I have received from the program. This program brings me closer and closer to God every day. Every time when we meet, we always pray for....

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L-Njeri Thuku shares the Word with members of the Dorothy Fellowship

Last year we shared the story of listeners who teamed up together and formed a house bible study group after realizing that they loved a TWR Kenya daily devotional program and each of them was always ready to share what they had learned whenever they met. During one of their visits to Trans World Radio Kenya studios, we promised to join them during one of their fellowships a promise that we were ready to fulfil in 2018.

Having been set for the joint fellowship, we embarked on over 20km journey to Kanyariri Sub-location Kabete Constituency Kiambu County to join members of Kanyariri Dorothy’s Fellowship (previously known as Kanyariri-yurumwe Fellowship). As we approached the house of Esther Wanjiku the Chairlady of the fellowship and the host of the day,one would not affords to miss the broad smiles and the hearty laughters that welcomed us.

About the fellowship, it's a fellowship made up of 15 members who worship in the same church Anglican Church.It started during a church bible study group when Joesph waweru, a group a member shared that there is a program from Trans World radio Kenya called Tabarira ya Dorothy (Dorothy Devotions in Gikuyu language) that has been of great encouragement and blessing to his spiritual life. Little did he know that almost all members of the their bible study had the same testimony and they all started sharing on their love for the program and this became the trend that every time they met. The program airs every weekday from 5:50AM on Coro FM, a TWR partnering Station. Fast forward days later Joseph spearheaded the formation of Kanyariri Yurumwe house fellowship whose main aim was to do a bible study based on the day’s devotion from the Dorothy's program.
You can read more on the fellowship on https://www.twr.co.ke/blog/post/dorothy-devotion-radio-program-pioneers-kanyariri-yurumwe-house-fellowship

TWR Team with members of Kanyariri Dorothy Fellowship

Going back to the house fellowship, after a brief introduction some of the members present shared how the 10 minutes program has been of great blessing to them. Here are some of what they had to say;-

Esther Wanjiku: I cannot describe the kind of blessings I have received from the program. This program brings me closer and closer to God every day. It has also made me to learn to bring my challenges to God through prayers. Like today’s message was on our God given authority and how God sent His Son to deliver us from sins like alcoholism addiction that will stop us from being closer to him. Every time when we meet, we always pray for your ministry that God will continue to bless and see you through the challenges so that you may continue to reach out. May God bless Dorothy and our sister Njeri Thuku for translating the message and sharing the message every morning.

Mrs Ndungu : First am very excited to have met the team behind Tabarira ya Dorothy ever since I was introduced to it through this fellowship, I have really longed for this day. I really appreciate the way Njeri handles the program. You see there are some things I had not understood about the life of Ruth until when she took me through it. My heart is really blessed and joyful. When I heard that you were coming to meet us I was very happy. This is not an ordinary, visit it has never happened before.

Nelson Kabui: I accepted Christ in my life in my old age and although sometimes I regret that I wish I had known Christ in my youthful days, I have come to accept that it was God’s timing. Dorothy devotion alongside Rugendo (Thru The Bible in Kikuyu) have greatly helped me grow spiritually. I thank God for your ministry.

Joseph Waweru : When we started this fellowship I had never imagined that it will one day lead me to the producers. I am glad to have met you and you welcomed our Church Vicar to your studios and in turn he introduced the entire congregation of Kanyariri ACK church to the program. The bibles and spiritual books like Quest for God and Food for Faith that gave us have been of great benefit to us. The only request on behalf of all of us is if the program can be added more time .

It was a wonderful opportunity for Njeri Thuku to share the Word directly with her listeners. Her message was on Faith taken from the book of Mark Chapter 2 where Jesus forgave and healed a paralytic man.

Alongside the fellowship members present, others who attended included Enos Changulo, Libby Ndambo, Collins Khayumbi & Geoffrey Otieno all from TWR Kenya.

Even as we bid goodbye and left Kanyariri we could not help but thank God for the amazing gift of neighborly unity and bible study through a 10-minute dawn radio program. Our hearts were more motivated when Joseph the fellowship’s coordinator informed us that they had even renamed the fellowship to Kanyariri Dorothy’s Fellowship in honor of Dorothy and Trans World Radio Kenya

Mrs Ndungu happily receives a Tecsun radio from Njeri Thuku

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Writer: Geoffrey Otieno

March 6th, 2018Geoffrey Otieno