As last year came to a close, I got challenged by my friend Libby. She said ....


Clearly its way past 1’st of January but it won’t hurt to recognize that we have started a new year… yeiiiiii!!!!!!

Well it’s been a while since a took time to write. Well maybe I should put it this way, I was writing but I just dint feel like what I was writing at that particular moment was making sense to me and it would probably not make sense to you too.

as my motto says... hum why is the voice of Timon and Pumba in my head as I write this. Any way as my motto says don’t share what hasn’t ministered to you on a personal level.

So most times as the new year start we are quick to come up with resolutions. Which is a good thing no doubt. However, as last year came to a close I got challenged by my friend Libby. She said ‘girl I don’t feel like putting down new resolutions; I feel I should just evaluate the past year and see what lessons I learnt and look for ways to make improve myself.'

I thought that’s a bright idea. Mainly because each year we usually sit down and try to come up with a number of goals only for half that year to reach and we are still stuck at goal number one.


I guess what am trying to say is sometimes it’s not about coming up with a new list of goals. It’s about how effective you have been to the ones that you have already introduced in your life.

So my challenge to you this year is, what is the one thing that you have constantly been learning or have wanted to do?

How can you come up with a plan to achieve it? If it's huge then what baby steps can you put in place to take you there so that New Year 2020 you will you have a testimony that you actually have seen fruits?

May the journey commence.


January 17th, 2019Libby Ndambo