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While preparing I bear in mind that I am I have this listener who has not slept the whole night because the previous day he went to bed with a heavy heart ...........

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Rauka na Hekima, a dawn devotion program on Hekima FM has only been on air for almost three months but it has had great impact on the many listeners whom for a very longtime felt forgotten and dejected.

Almost four months ago when Hekima FM Station manager Pastor Antony Mutunga developed the idea of replacing the morning back to back music with a live program, little did he know that the program idea was as a result of an answered prayer of many listeners some of whom slept with a burdened heart and needed someone to encourage them at start of a new day break, while others yearning for the word but are limited in terms of getting time to listen the radio, reading a bible or attending a fellowship due to their geographical location that is considered bit unwelcoming to the gospel, among many others.

After developing the idea, Pastor Mutunga shared this idea with Vincent Amara, a volunteer producer and he was surprised to discover that Amara was also harboring thoughts of hosting a devotional program. A true affirmation to words of William Cowper’s 1773 hymn that 'God moves in a mysterious way' (that was later misquoted and is commonly referred to as God works in mysterious ways).

Fast forward, after having set all systems go Rauka na Hekima (Wake up with Hekima) was birthed in August. Recently I caught up with Vincent so as to learn more about the program that is getting a lot of audience traffic despite it running from 5 to 7 AM. This is what he had to share.

How did you start Rauka na Hekima ? A while back I begun to have this idea of having of hosting a morning devotion program and later on I was approached by Pastor Antony and he shared he has this idea of a having a morning devotion live program for our listeners instead of the music. God had put the same idea on our minds. After sharing the idea we then went through the steps of developing a radio program and thus Rauka na Hekima went live in August.

Who is your target? I target different categories of listeners. While preparing I bear in mind that I am I have this listener who has not slept the whole night because the previous day he went to bed with a heavy heart i.e he went to look for a job but did not find, argued with his employer or colleague, among many other daily life disappointments, then there is also this listener who has the desire for the word but has no bible or is not even close to one and can’t get permission to go to a church fellowship and the only time he or she can listen to the radio is in the morning, lastly there is listener who may be struggling with an issue or a prayer need and would require and advice or someone to pray together with, etc.

How do you meet all their needs within 2 hours? Usually I leave the house at 3 AM and get to the station by 4 AM and the program starts at 5 AM. The first thing I do when I get into the studio is I check for messages that have been sent and the mostly I get prayer needs, song requests, bible verses and that is before I go live. I then go through the bible verses sent, do final touches on my motivational sermonettes and add relevant bible verses and prepare my playlist. Usually I also don’t do this alone we meet the needs together ie I receive phone calls and give the listener an opportunity to encourage or pray for another listener or ask a question then I don’t take it as my question but pose the question to other listeners. In short making the program interactive has helped in ensuring the needs are met. Additionally Dorothy Devotion program airs every weekday at 6 AM and somehow it has helped in meeting some of the needs because the program has great inspirational messages.

What has been great motivation? The fact that when I get to the studio around 4 AM and find that more 5 listeners already sent messages is of great encouragement to me that indeed there is someone who needs my help because for one to send a message at between 2- 4 AM it means this person is not sleeping. The phone calls and messages also encourage me a lot. I had never thought that I would get a lot of audience traffic for a program running between 5 to 7 AM. I also get encouraged when I receive a message from a listener confessing that he or she is secretly listening to the program.

Any highlight on a listeners whose life the program has transformed? Almost on a daily basis a get messages and phone calls from listeners whose life have changed after listening to the devotions or after being prayed for. For example there is listener who comes from a neighboring country and works as a house servant to a non-Christian family. As a result of past life frustrations, she had stored a lot of anger in her & this affected her work & her relationship with those around her. One day a lady called and shared bout anger management and what the bible says about anger. After that she prayed. Then the listener called to say that what we have talked about is what she has been struggling with and requested if she could be linked with the other listener. I then called the listener who prayed and asked if I could share her number she agreed. The next day the listener who had the anger problem called sounding very upbeat and shared her testimony how they talked and prayed together and the resentment in her has greatly reduced and now she felt greatly relieved off the burden and was now performing her duties as expected.

What’s your closing remark? I really thank God for Hekima FM for this opportunity and also for Trans World Radio Kenya for assisting me to get bibles and other spiritual books to some listeners. I would also like you to pray for our listeners some of them are living in a surrounding where there is limited access to Christian literatures and a great number to of locals are not Christians.

NB Hekima FM is a Trans World Radio Kenya FM project broadcasting in Garissa, Wajir & soon rolling in Mandera. The station has been kept on air through your generous financial support and prayers. God bless you. You can now donate to Trans world Radio Kenya by following this link https://www.twr.co.ke/donate

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November 3rd, 2017Geoffrey Otieno