Hope in Kakuma Refuge camp

We would like to introduce you to the listeners and a little about who they are in the next few weeks. Our first story is about a man who has shared the Hope of Christ in Kakuma Refugee camp.


To many Kakuma Refugee camp may just an area where the government has allowed immigrants to settle. However, to the ever-soaring over 185, 298 refugees each with a different testimony drawn from 49 nationalities including Yemen and Afghanistan, this is not just a four-unit camp but also a safe haven to them.

We thank God for the new frequency granted to Trans World Radio Kenya to run a station in Kakuma, which will provide an opportunity to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ & bring the message of hope to this special group of people with unique needs and their host community. Who is said to be the second most unreached group in Turkana County.

It has been all systems go for Trans World Radio Kenya and her partners in Netherlands, Canada, & Kakuma Pastors Fellowship ever since it got the green light to start broadcasting in Kakuma. In a bid to give us a glimpse of our potential listeners and identify a suitable broadcasting site our ministry Executive Director Mrs Bernice Gatere & the FM Manager Mrs Pamela Omwodo made a maiden trip to Kakuma. We would like to introduce you to the listeners and a little about who they are in the next few weeks.

Our first story is about a man who has shared the Hope of Christ in Kakuma Refugee camp. Mesfin is a middle-aged businessman who runs a business in the camp under the business name of ‘JESUS IS LORD’.Mesfin says his wealth is God-given.

Jesus is Lord Supermarket from outside.jpg Jesus is Lord Supermarket from outside

He came to Kenya as a young man from Ethiopia. Like any other young refugee, he sought employment within the camp and found one at a bakery where he was employed to knead the dough for bread and scones. His salary was Kshs 1000 ($ 10) per month.  From this amount, he says his secret was spending less and saving more.  One day the bakery owner ran bankrupt and wanted to sell the bakery.  He offered him Kshs 30,000 from his savings and he became the owner of the bakery that would, later on, change his life.  That is how He began his business in the camp.  From then he worked to be a wealthy refugee thus earning the name ‘The Millionaire Refugee’. He branded his business ‘Jesus is Lord’ so that the glory would always go to God.

Inside Jesus is Lord Supermarket.jpg Inside Jesus is Lord Supermarket

Mesfin has a kind heart full of fatherly love & every day he spends more than Kshs 30,000 to feeding hungry children and helping the needy.  The children at the refugee camp call him ‘Baba’ a Swahili word for Dad. When asked why they call him so they answer in a chorus. ‘Because he is our father.’

Mesfin talking to some of the Children he feeds daily.jpg

Mesfin talking to some of the Children he feeds daily

During the school holidays, he comes up with strategies of gathering the children in a Church where they learn the Word of God before feeding them.  He says his heart is drawn to the needy. He was kind enough to invite us one day to help in the feeding exercise.

Apart from operating the largest supermarket in the region, he is in the transport business and guided by the Holy Spirit he is always ready to bail out those who run to him. He is a darling to many and a strong believer who has also built a Church next to his business.

Front view of the Church that Mesfin built.jpg Front view of the Church that Mesfin built

Although the branding of his business name Jesus is Lord on all his properties has made him lose some potential clients who don’t profess to Christianity, he remains unperturbed and believes that the more they shy away from his products the more he sells.

He is so enthusiastic about the upcoming radio station because it has been his dream to see the whole of Kakuma won to Jesus. Meeting him encouraged the team that giving does not need us to have wealth, it requires us to open our hearts to God using what we have. What may seem little, will have a great impact on someone else's life. Men like Mesfin are the perfect description of Acts 20:35 that says, "In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

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September 24th, 2019Libby Ndambo