Have you analysed the Lord's prayer before? Well, I have and this is what I learnt.


Growing up we were taught the Lord's prayer both at school and church. With time I memorized the words and reciting become so easy. Until now I still can recite the Lord’s prayer maybe not as often but yeah it’s still part of my Christian balanced diet.

A year ago I was going through; a series by pastor Robert Morris.

I don’t know how many of us are conscious about what we say while praying the Lord’s prayer. The book of Mathew chapter 6 vs 9 to 13 the Lord Jesus teaches on how to pray after describing the wrong way and the right way of praying.

He taught that we should not be as hypocrites while praying but that we should be in our secret places and the God who see us in that place will answer us in the open.

Fyi I advise that you take time and read this chapter before you continue reading this post.


Matthew 13:9-10

In this manner, therefore pray our father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come; Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

If you are like me, most times I really want things to happen the way I have planned it out in my head. But sometimes I have come to learn lessons like Jonah; upon being swallowed by the whale of life and God saying ‘EXCUSE ME DEAR NINEVEH IS WHERE I HAD SENT YOU” In a dramatic voice…

Will is defined as expressing inevitable events…like something that has a tendency to, are bound to, have a habit of. It’s also expressing a strong intention or assertion about the future.


So this week I learnt that When I pray for God’s will to be done here on earth as it is in heaven am basically aligning myself to what God has already set in place for me.

When God says he knows the plans that he has for me; it’s my role to align myself with His sovereign will. I'm also learning sometimes His plan for me will be something that is grueling to go through.

It takes me to the time that Christ was at mount olives. While he prayed that the cup be taken away but not His will but the will of the Father to be done.

Trust God’s will for you and may you allow His will to be done in your life here on earth as it is in heaven.

April 24th, 2019Libby Ndambo