I wonder if you have ever felt stuck?? Ever found yourself stuck in your walk with God; wondering why you're not growing in the faith or why does it seem like your walking in cycles.


My friend Anne came to visit me, as we talked she asked me,

"have you ever felt stuck?"

I laughed while blurting out a strong Yes. In fact, the truth is I have felt stuck more times than I am willing to admit to myself. I did not laugh because it was a wonderful place to be in but because I know that God used the experiences to move within me.

I wonder if you have ever felt stuck??

When growing up I would remove my shoes once it rained at home because the soil at home is black cotton soil and literally when it rains it becomes like super glue and you get stuck on your trucks.


Like that childhood experience, at times I find myself stuck in my walk with God; wondering why am not growing in the faith or why does it seem like am walking in cycles. It's frustrating starting a journey only to feel like your walking in a maze. Though I have meandered in different paths I find myself in a place that still looks very familiar and I have come to learn that when this happens to me then high chances are that there’s a particular thing in that space that I need to address and I have not yet figured it out.

I used to dread the idea of being stuck…I literally would panic by just thinking about it. These days however I have come to embrace this fact. I don’t mean that if you're stuck you have a party and call your friends to celebrate. I mean coming to the realization that when we are stuck that's the start of us actually getting unstuck…

Weird right?

If you don’t realize that you are stuck it means you have not found the exit to the maze just yet; you won’t begin to have a strategy to leave that particular maze. If there were an entry point high chances is there is an exit point. Knowing you are stuck is the start of moving to the next part of life.


Knowing you are stuck leads to understanding what is keeping you stuck…understanding what keeps you stuck results in forming exit strategy formation…Having a strategy leads to an implementation that leads to results and eventually moving to the place that God wants you to have in Life.

April 12th, 2019Libby Ndambo