Pastor shared a sermon themed, “Every challenge has a melting point” was based on Acts 14 –story of the man healed by...........

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‘Every challenge in life has a melting point!” Roared Pastor Antony Mutunga! He repeated, “every problem has a breaking point if you subject it to prayer!” And the congregation roared back “Yes!” That was the Word delivered on Sunday, 17 March at 11am. The TWR Kenya employees visited Africa Gospel Church (AGC) in Nkoroi, Rongai on the outskirts of Nairobi with gifts of hymn books, normal Bibles and study Bibles. The church is a small congregation of about 300 people who are filled with warmth and love for each other. It’s a close knit community that has frequent house fellowships and without doubt an echo to the Church in book of Acts chapter 4.

Pastor Antony Mutunga sharing the Word

Pastor Antony Mutunga (TWR Kenya Church Relations officer) shared a sermon themed, “Every challenge has a melting point” was based on Acts 14 –story of the man healed by God at the word of Paul, and the story of resurrection of Tabitha in Acts 9:40. “Many times we confront a situation without the power to melt the problem,” he said amidst “ayes” from the congregation. Seek God first, he insisted, and “every negative situation, sickness or problem melts at the command of the Word of God,” he said. Of course only after tapping into the power! The Church was in dire need of hymn books and books to aid in Bible study sessions. Our visit therefore, was timely and Pastor Benjamin Kijabe, said the Church management will take all the hymn books we had carried so that they can improve the worship experience through hymns. The Church also took five NLT study Bibles to be used by pastors and five NIV study Bibles for members of the congregation. Congregation members, young and old alike scrambled for the other few English and vernacular bibles we had. The thirst for God’s Word is real! One young girl inspired me that Sunday morning. Sharon Chepkirui was visiting the church that Sunday and she expressed her desperation for a bible. She lives approximately 300km away from the church in the tea zone areas. Her home church has very little bibles and with so much courage she asked if we could visit her church and supply Kalenjin bibles for her community. Evidently, our work in the area is not done. We hope that through God’s guidance we will be able to visit Sharon’s church and equip them with the word of God.

L-R Pastor Kijabe holding a NIV Study Bible & Section of the Youth

TWR Kenya’s team visited CITAM Embakasi the following Sunday. Bernice Gatere (TWR-Kenya’s Director) preached in two services (approximately 1000 people in the first service and 500 people in the second service). Her message was simple; obedience, drawn from the story of Jeremiah and the Rechabites in Jeremiah 35. Obedience. Of course was the underlying theme, that God calls us to obey his great commission in Matthew 28 – go ye and preach…and lo, I am with you always, the scripture says.

Picture L-R TWR Kenya's Director Bernice Gatere shares the Word & Part of the CITAM Congregation

In response to the message, two hundred members of the congregation pledged to stand with TWR Kenya through financial support. Through this support we can reach more language groups, have more programs and have a bigger impact. We also had the opportunity to supply the church members with bibles. They embraced this opportunity until we run out of all the bibles we went with.

Picture L-R TWR Kenya's Director Bernice Gatere, CITAM EMbakasi Senior Pastor Martin Bandu & Enos Changulo from TWR Kenya

Join us in thanking God for the opportunity to share the word of God with fellow believers and the impact these two church missions had. We can only say, Ebenezer.

By Enos Changulo

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