MY TESTIMONY: Dorothy’s Devotions set me free from alcoholism

I come from an area where alcohol addiction is very rampant and as a youth who had just completed High school, together with my peers we indulged in alcohol that ........


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The war against alcohol addiction is not a walk in the park even for who have been in and out of a rehab. It gives us great joy to get to hear that our five minutes radio program has transformed the life of our listener life and led him into victory against this addiction.

Every weekday at the crack of dawn, Njeri Thuku kick starts the day by leading listeners of CORO FM with a 5 minutes morning devotion from Trans World Radio Kenya through a program called Tabarira ya Dorothy (adopted & translated into Gikuyu from the English version of Dorothy Daily Devotions by Dorothy Bennett). The program uses the scriptures to encourage, challenge, motivate and influencing practical biblical application for everyday life.

Born 44 years ago in Gateri Kiambu County, one would expect that a man of such age would have everything going on track i.e. blessed family, stable job/income, acquired assets etc. But that has not been so for Peter Kimani who has little to show over his past life as he shared during his recent visit to our office.

“Today I have travelled over 70 km just to come here so that I can meet Njeri Thuku so that I can thank her for transforming my life by leading me to Christ through her 5:55 morning devotions.”

Peter replied when we inquired about the purpose of his visit and went on to share how alcohol addiction had ruined his life.

“Alcohol has wasted many years of my life. I come from an area where alcohol addiction is very rampant and as a youth who had just completed High school, together with my peers we indulged in alcohol that slowly developed into an addiction. I tried as much as I could to depart from this vice but I always found myself going back. Its difficult to depart from something that most people you relate to on daily basis use. Even my wife left me because of this addiction.

As much as I loved alcohol during my sober moments, I would always desire to quit. Around November last year while listening to the radio before I left for work to the quarry, I heard this program for the first time it only lasted for five minutes but I loved the message and I wished I could listen to it again. The next day it had a different message and from that day I have always ensured that I don’t miss Dorothy’s devotions because each day I feel like God is using Njeri to directly talk to me. The devotions have challenged, motivated and encouraged me and slowly by slowly I started to dis like alcohol much to the surprise of many.

Because of the continuous listening, I started loving the Word of The Lord and started going to Church and this year in February I surrendered my life to Christ in Church. All thanks to Dorothy’s Devotion. Now you understand why I had to come to say thank you and get the devotional books Food for Faith & Quest For God that you promised to give. Alcoholism is now past tense because the Lord has set me free from it. Thank you Trans World Radio for allowing God to use you to deliver me.”

Over the past two years, there has been a public outcry over alcohol addiction in Central Kenya. In fact even recently a Governor ordered for a close down of all businesses that engage in liquor business and at the same time Non-Governmental organizations & churches have also stepped up campaigns against drug abuse in these areas so as to save of the lives of the youths and try to restore the broken families.

We also thank God for using our partnership with Cross Currents International Ministries (CCIM) to transform lives through Dorothy Daily Devotions that are broadcasted in English, Swahili Turkana, Borana, & Taita languages. The programs run on our SIFA FM Network & on various partnering stations.

Lets continue to remember Peter in prayers even as he continues to grow in faith. We pray for deliverance of all his relatives and friends who are still in the addiction battle and trust that the devil may not use them to take Peter back and God will use his testimony to transform their lives.

Ephesians 5:18 (NLT) Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit,

By Geoffrey Otieno

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June 25th, 2018Geoffrey Otieno