MY Testimony: I abandoned my life in crime & joined Pastor in the journey thru the Bible on Radio.

I was a known village thief. I would steal from people then use the money to indulge in alcohol. I had a crime partner & everyone knew.........

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Every weekday as the clock strikes 10:30 am. on CORO FM then it’s time to join Pastor James Karichu for a thirty minutes’ journey through the Bible through Rugendo radio program from Trans World Radio Kenya. Rugendo is a devotional program in Gikuyu language that takes you through the Bible chapters verse by verse from Genesis to Revelation. In other words Rugendo is the Gikuyu version of Neno Litaendelea adopted from Thru The Bible radio series (TTB).

Ever since the journey started, the program has transformed many lives by leading thousands to Christ, as others have been encouraged, motivated, challenged & be able to experience spiritual growth because they are able to listen & understand God’s word. In that process we have received many testimonies confirming the impact of the Radio series. Today we would like to share this testimony from a listener in Central Kenya.

Mwangi wa Mwangi* not his real name recently contacted us and shared this testimony of how the TTB Gikuyu made him and his friend surrender their Criminal life.

**“My name is Mwangi wa Mwangi and I come from a town in Nyandarua County. I am very grateful that today I have finally managed to contact the producers of Rugendo and share my testimony. Two years ago, I was a known village thief. I would steal from people then use the money to indulge in alcohol. I had a crime partner & everyone knew what we used to do. At that time I hated church and anyone who talked about God, and would openly collide with anyone who brought a religious topic before my friend or me. I think it was contributed by the fact that I did not have any religious upbringing. At that time, I would argue that that there is no superior God because even some communities worship idols in the form of animals, statues or effigies etc and they love them so much and believe they are their source of help.

One day, as I was tuning the Radio, I discovered this Man of God who was taking the listeners through a bible Chapter. I can’t really remember which verse it was because it was the first time I was listening and I liked the way he was doing the Bible expository and when the program ended he said join us tomorrow as we continue with the journey through the Bible and that is how Pastor welcomed me into the journey that I have now walked together with him for two years and as a result of my life transformed. Slowly by slowly the Word got into me and I discovered that I was on the wrong path and Christ had come to rescue me. I stopped taking alcohol and abandoned my criminal lifestyle much to the amazement of the community. Right now I am businessman with an established a general merchandise store and I have become a de facto Through the Bible ambassador because whenever am asked what changed me, I refer them to the program. If possible I ensure that many people around me listen to Pastor because my alarm reminder always on and Radio Volume is always up when its TTB time. In case my alarm goes off and am not near a radio I take a motorcycle back home so that I can listen from the house am greatly indebted to this program and it leaves me with a big vacuum in case I miss it. I am not alone in this because I introduced my friend who used to be my partner in crime and we share an almost similar transformation because crime is now a thing of the past and we have both grown spiritually its like in every program the message is always meant for me. I am also getting to understand what Salvation is. I know am on the right path of surrendering my life to Christ and ask that you to continue praying for me and my friend as we fight off the daily temptations".

Mwangi wa Mwangi and his friend are a representation of many of our listeners whose lives continue to be transformed through our programs. All this is made possible through your financial support and prayers and for that were are very thankful.

As we continue to pray over the current Covid 19 situation you can take this opportunity to God’s Word through online on TWR360 mobile App or [] on our SIFA FM Stations & partners Stations like Coro FM as we contimue reach People through the preaching and teaching the Word of God.

Na Rugendo rwa gutuikania kirikaniro no ruguthii na mbere....

The journey' through the Bible continues....

Na Neno Litaendelea Pastor james Karichu in the Studio

By Geoffrey Otieno
May 5th, 2020Geoffrey Otieno