One on One: Taxi driver on a mission of leading others to Christ & linking them to a TWR radio program.

For several days now he has been picking and dropping his clients who are doing a recording at the TWR Kenya studios but on this day after he..............

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Martin Njega poses for a photo outside his cab

Navigating through the traffics on the busy Nairobi roads as you give way to road bully *Matatu drivers, responding to various clients cab calls through the phone and on taxi applications, being on standby most of the times, trying to locate the drop off and pick up points, negotiating the charges etc. Such is the succinct way one would describe the daily life of a Nairobi taxi driver.

However for Martin Njenga the busy work schedule as a city cab driver has not deterred him from sharing the good news of Christ with his friends, colleagues and clients at the slightest opportunity he gets. 13 years ago Njenga saw the light and accepted Christ into his life and begun a journey that he has never looked back with any regret.

For several days now Njenga has been picking and dropping his clients who are doing a recording at the TWR Kenya studios but on this day after he saw on the notice board that there are bibles available he decided not to leave before he finds out more about the bibles and Trans World Radio. Only for him to be shocked to learn we are also the producers of his favorite through the Bible radio program. Let me share his testimony through the responses he gave to my random questions.

Briefly, introduce yourself? My name is Martin Njenga, taxi driver based here in Nairobi and I am a born again believer who fellowships at Christian Church of Kenya in Kiserian.

How was your life before you became born again? Before I got born again, I used to live an atrocious alcoholic life without any focus. I was an alcoholic at the same time a bhang smoker. At that time I used to work as a gardener and would use my earnings to satisfy my sinful lifestyle. I unsuccessfully tried on my own to abandon the lifestyle but I always found myself going back. Although I did not have any relationship with God, I occasionally found myself going to church even while drunk. I think it’s because I was brought up in a Christian family so I knew about the existence of God.

When and how did you invite Christ into your life? One day in December 2004 I walked into a local church and asked the congregation to pray for me to change. Am convinced they did and God heard their prayers because on the last day of the month as others were looking for entertainments spots and churches to usher in the New Year, I opted to go to the same church for overnight New Year prayers. The conviction became stronger and as the rest ushered the New Year of 2015, I ushered Christ into my life. A decision I have never regretted. The only regret I have is the wasted years. But my love for Christ and His Word has been growing stronger in me every day. For sure the Lord has really blessed my life and given me hope.

How did you come to learn about TWR’s Rugendo program? About four years ago in my quest to learn more about the Word of God on radio, I landed on CORO FM and found a Pastor taking listeners through the Word of God. I can’t remember the book he was handling but I remember the step by step way he was explaining the scriptures and from that day I have always tried my level best never to miss Pastor James Karichu’s Rugendo program (walk Thru The Bible in Gikuyu).

What attracts you to the program? I just love the way Pastor presents the word, he makes me feel that I am part of the journey. He is the best radio bible teacher I have encountered. He has really helped me to grow spiritually by helping me understand the scriptures.

In your walk with Christ what would say are some of your greatest lessons? Through my salvation, I have come to realize that it’s only the Word of God that goes beyond the grave. The rest are all vanity and that is why I want my friends and relatives to know God and that there is life after death only if you believe in Christ. Through my listening and reading of the bible, I am always ready to share the gospel and as a result have led two my friends to Christ and I have another one whom am soon winning over. Have also come to realize that salvation is a step by step process so once I identify a friend whom I would desire to lead to Christ, I slowly by slowly introduce Christ into to his life and we walk the journey together and when the right time comes and he surrenders his life to Christ I get him a bible. I aslo link them to Pastor James Karichu’s program.

You have mentioned about linking others to the Rugendo program, how has this been? I have recommended the program to many people and sometimes when business is low and the program is on, I invite fellow cab drivers into my car and we listen to Pastor together. I always avoid listening alone or if I have a customer who is conversant with the Gikuyu language I request if we can listen together and through this some of my customers have appreciated me for introducing them to the program. In general the response has been good because most of my close associates whom have introduced to the program have become very loyal listeners and have seen the changes in their lifestyles and spiritual growth.

What would be your final word of encouragement? *I would like to encourage all parents to start planting the seed of Christ in their children early so that when they become older the Word will not depart from them. Just as its written in Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it". Despite me being a sinner, the Word of God planted in me when I was young did not depart from me and contributed to my salvation.I would also like to say thank you for the studios tour *

Martin Njenga receiving devotional books & in the FM Studio

You can also join Pastor James Karichu as he takes you for a walk through the Bible every Weekday morning on Coro FM from 10:30 AM or online through We would love to hear and share your testimony. Write to us at or send a letter to The Producer Rugendo Program, Trans World Kenya P.O. Box 21514 00505 Nairobi kenya

*Matatus are mini buses used to transport passengers in Kenya.

By Geoffrey Otieno
May 10th, 2018Geoffrey Otieno