Sermon by Dr. Sam Gordon

“We are who we are is because He is who He is.”



Like every other Friday here at TWR, we have praise and worship and a sermon, just to kickstart our day in the presence of God. However, I doubt we were all ready for the beautiful morning that was.

Firstly, during praise and worship we decided to awaken the child within us through the Sunday school songs that filled our hearts with joy and ensured we had a short body work out through the songs actions. It was so beautiful to see the tangible presence of God through the smiles and laughter among us.

In addition to that, we had an insightful message from TWR-Kenya’s brother from the UK, Dr. Sam Gordon. Though he is aging gracefully, he is full of life and quite frankly a bundle of joy to us all. His message to us today was drawn from 1 Peter 2:1-10.

The take home message was, “We are who we are is because He is who He is.” He summarized his sermon in 6 points:

You are a Livingstone being built in a spiritual house.

You are chosen race

You are a holy nation

You are a Priesthood.

You are a people who have received mercy

You are a people for Gods Possession

He shared about the sad reality in our society. To some people, Christ is a stepping stone, a source of peace, joy,hope love and mercy. Yet to others, he is undesirable and so they constantly reject him. The sacrifice that Christ made on the cross made sure that we were picked from the dirty pits of sin and he molded us into living stones that he is using to build his kingdom.

He elaborately explained to us that this journey with God is one that is a mixture of faith and fun. That no matter how many times we do wrong and fall short we will always fall on the corner stone of our faith (Christ). No matter how big our sin may seem to us, it cannot be big enough to make us undeserving of his mercy and grace.

Furthermore, he shared with us about focusing on Christ during this journey of faith. He said,” If you want to survive and walk on water, you have to keep your eyes fixed on Christ.” He urged us not to forget the simplicity of faith as we grow our relationship with Christ.

He concluded his message with a question,” Why is Jesus precious to you?”


We are glad to have shared a few minutes of fellowship with Dr. Sam and our prayers are with him and the TWR team as they head to Lamu for our very first Pastors Training in the region.

  • Ndambo*
October 13th, 2017Libby Ndambo