SIFA FM Marsabsit: Reporter's camels death story wins The BBC Media Action’s Climate Challenge

For the Competition Albert filled a story in Swahili titled Kilio Cha Ngamia Kufa (The cries over the death of camels) as result of drinking water laced with...

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L-Sora Godana who lost all his eight camels, R Camels grazing

News of TWR Kenya’s Sifa 101.1 FM Marsabit reporter cum presenter Albert Mwanyasi being declared the overall 2019 winner of BBC Media Action’s Climate Challenge story was welcomed with joy and cheers as congratulatory messages from friends and colleagues trailed him.

The competition eligible for BBC’s Media Action partners under- I am Wiser Weather Project received entries from Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania. It required contestants to submit not more than 3 minutes story either in English, Swahili or in a local language. As the judges looked for content relevance, production & packaging techniques applied.

For the Competition Albert filled a story in Swahili titled "Kilio Cha Ngamia Kufa" (The cry over the death of camels) as result of drinking water laced with Nitrate due soil erosion caused by flooding.

He focused on an elderly man in El Haddi village Marsabit County who lost 8 camels among the 115 reported to have died after they drunk the contaminated water. He also sought the opinion of an environmental/livestock expert Dr Wario Sore in a bid to explain the cause of the high Nitrate content in water and he explained that during rainy season the floods wash away the vegetation, minerals, human and animal waste that have Nitrogen components. When the water assemble at one point the Nitrogen components combine, thus the concentration levels increases in the water and it becomes toxic for humans & animals.

Livestock farming is the main source of livelihood for many families in Marsabit and through the interview; Sora Godana is heard appealing to the County Government, NGO’s and well-wishers to help him pick up as he feels like dying. He also urges the government to help in stopping the sudden deaths by helping them get clean water and to save them from travelling over 45 KM with their livestock to get the already contaminated water.

One Camel costs approximately costs Kshs 130,000 (1,296 US dollars) and Godana lost close to One million Kenyan Shillings.

Left Albert in the Studio,R- With Delegates at the Climate Workshop in Uganda

In an email sent to Pamela Omowodo TWR Kenya's SIFA FMs' newtwork General Manager by David Njuguna the BBC Media Action Project Team leader announced the winner also stating that Other than winning a 32 Inch for the Station, Albert will get an opportunity to attend trainings in Uganda on the coverage of Climate stories as well as attend the Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum(GHACOF 51). (Just concluded)

Below are some of the congratulatory messages he recieved

Congratulations are in order Albert. Well done & glory to God. –Bernice Gatere -Trans World Radio Kenya Executive Director

Family please help me CONGRATULATE Albert Mwanyasi of Sifa FM Marsabit for winning the top prize of a challenge we entered alongside 8 other radio stations in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania partnering with BBC Media Action I’m Wiser Weather Program. CONGRATULATIONS ALBERT!!!! Lets do it again. – Pamela Omwodo -General Manager TWR Kenya FM Network

Congratulations our team member Albert for the good work. You were the best among the best and its also a great honor to work with BBC Media Action. We are ready to utilize what you will learn. Michael kwoba – SIFA 101.1 FM Marsabit Station Manager

Proud of you Albert congratulations Great win for Sifa FM Marsabit team. Tish Munga –Marketing Manager SIFA FM/TWR Kenya

Congratulations, talented Mwanyasi for the great job. Continue lifting up the standards of TWR. Congrats once more. Charles Otunga –TWR Kenya Producer

On his part after attending the trainings, Albert thanked all those who made it possible for him to succeed and promised to share all that he has learnt. “Thanks for the support accorded to me by Sifa Fm Stations Management in making this a success. God bless you all.”

On behalf of Tranworld Radio Kenya & SIFA FM Marsabit we take this opportunity to thank BBC Media Action Project for the continued partnership we have had to transform the lives of our listeners. We also hope that all the stakeholders will team up to mitigate the water issues in Marsabit even as we prepare for the rains in the coming months.

By Geoffrey Otieno & Albert Mwanyasi

Listen to the Winner story by clicking on the video link below ↓

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February 12th, 2019Geoffrey Otieno