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Some years back the family used to feel sad every Sunday when they had to leave Mary in the house as they went to Church that is........


Mary Amba receives Borana Bibles from Michael Kwoba Sifa FM Marsabit Station Manager

The greatest responsibility of a radio presenter is creating and maintaining a relationship with listeners. In other words, radio is an intimate medium so you present as if you are talking to that singled out friend.

One of the many ways you can measure the success of your bond with your listener is through the responses you receive because while in the studio you are all alone with microphones and computers and you have this imaginary listener. This is why it always gives us great joy to hear and share the testimonies from our listeners.

Having said that, allow me to introduce and share with you the story of Mary Amba one of greatest friend and listener of SIFA 101.1 FM Marsabit.

Born 25 years ago as a special child to the late Mr. Daldalo Kache and Mrs Anne Amba, right from childhood Mary grew up in difficulties because she was born with paralyzed legs which thereby rendering her permanently disabled. Being a special child and the third born in a family of five children, meant that she needed special care had to be fully independent on her parents and siblings. The family was dealt a major blow with the sudden demise their father in when Mary was only 6 years. Her mother, left with the burden of taking care of the family a role she has best played the way she can despite the difficulties.

Mrs Anne’s faith in God has kept her strong and given her hope and the love for the Word has fully manifested in the entire family. She has tried to give the best care and love to Mary and her siblings, the love that is easily recognisable immediately step into the homestead.

Fast forward to the family’s link to Sifa FM. In 2009, Trans World Radio Kenya established a Sifa FM in Marsabit. The first ever-Christian station with devotional programs in local dialects like Borana that Amba’s family speaks fluently. The entire family holds Sifa FM Marsabit with such unbelievable regards for its educative, informative and soul uplifting tailored programmes. They confess being addicted to Sifa FM Marsabit radio programmes Mary loves listening and reading the Word of God, and being an indoor person due to her physical challenge, fell in love with Station most. In fact, she has mastered the station’s programs schedule. To her radio is not a gadget transmitting sound, it is her everything and her world evolves around it.

Mary Amba with Geoffrey & Rosemary at their doorstep.

Some years back the family used to feel sad every Sunday when they had to leave Mary in the house as they went to Church that is located around 1Km away from their house. Since Mary has no wheelchair and their home is situated on the slopes of a hill, they have no option but to leave her in the house and this really affected her mother because she understood her daughter’s love for the Gospel. However that is no longer a major worry on them because Mary has adopted SIFA FM’s Sunday Devotional program ‘Rauka na Sifa’ as her Church.

Other than the Sunday devotional program, Mary confesses that she loves listening to Neno Litaendela (Through The Bible – Swahili) and could not shy away from sending her greetings and appreciations to Pastor Geoffrey Wanjala Munialo & Sister Pamela Omwodo who take her through the bible journey. “Pastor has brought me closer to Christ by teaching me the Word that also gives me hope each day.” Mary said during a recent interview. She also loves listening to “Madjerena, a devotional program in her Borana dialect alongside other programs and the news. In short the radio station is her companion and she has established a close bond with the presenters because she excitedly calls and sends text messages during the different program segments.

For now, our bubbly friend remains hopeful that despite her life challenges, God will answer her prayers provide for her a wheelchair to aid her movements in and outside their homestead and even attend church. Although she dropped out of Embu Vocational Training Collage due to lack of funds and a caregiver after her sponsor missionary retired and went back to Spain, she has not lost hope she will one day get help and continue with her tailoring course. She even has a bigger dream to open her own tailoring shop equipped with disability-friendly –sewing machines.

On behalf of Sifa FM Marsabit & Trans World Radio Kenya, we would like to say a big thank you to Mary’s family who are always ready to welcome us to their home every Sunday when our presenters led by Jacob Walter conduct meet the loyal listener tours.

For now let be conclude with words of hope from Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Romans as it is written in the book of Romans 5 vs 5

"And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us."

By Jacob Walter and Geoffrey Otieno

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November 9th, 2018Geoffrey Otieno