Testimony: Corona is taking away my taxi business but has brought me closer to God

“The word of God has been my best source of encouragement during these tough times. As other media stations talking too much about the virus without giving hope or directing people to God, Sifa FM is informing and....


The economic impact of the Corona Virus pandemic continues to dig in both on individuals and nations. It’s no secret that things will never be the same for many. The increasing numbers of infections that continue to be reported in Kenya alongside containment measures enforced, directly or indirectly affects us all. Everyone is the look out on how they can protect themselves from the infection and apply economic re adjustments. Some have lost hope others have become closer to God like our listener Daniel featured below from Marsabit County.

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Daniel, a believer, a businessman and husband in a family blessed with 8 children. He operates a taxi in Marsabit town. When the COVID 19 movement restrictions were announced three months ago, his taxi business took a downward turn because it directly touched on his main clients as his business depends highly on travelers who come from other counties or towns.

“There has been great challenge, because there are no travelers as the public vehicles are banned from travelling to other counties at the same time there is an evening curfew extending to early morning and my peak time used to be in the evening and early morning.” Daniel said when our reporter caught up with him.

Daniel reflected on the life before COVID 19 and now of which according to him are two totally different lives. Some clients used to call him to pick them between 4am to 5am. However, the curfew restrictions have reduced his working hours rendering him to almost earning nothing per day. There are also high levels of fear in the general public and thus people fear boarding taxis like before. They are afraid because they don’t know the status of those who boarded before them. Some of his clients now prefer to walk to their destinations because they are also affected financially. Everyone now says “Hakuna Pesa” (no money) and would prefer to cut on costs to save on a coin. Daniel reflected how he misses some of his loyal customers.

Despite the economic shortcomings, Daniel is not dejected. “The word of God has been my best source of encouragement during these tough times. To me this like a test of my loyalty to God and I must emerge victorious by focusing on Christ.” He attributed

Daniel has been a staunch listener of SIFA 101.1 FM Marsabit and has greatly been strengthened spiritually through programs like Neno Litaendelea (TTB Swahili), Dorothy Daily Devotion in Borana, Matumaini, alongside the Radio Church services among others.

“As other media stations talking too much about the virus without giving hope or directing people to God, Sifa FM is informing and transforming. For sure “Sifa FM Marsabit is beacon of hope for the people of Marsabit County and beyond indeed its standing to its slogan “Sauti ya tumaini,” (voice of Hope). Daniel said.

“I listen to the radio day and night because it is full of hope, right from the programs, music and sermons. This is the best method of fighting fear, which can be even more tragic than the pandemic itself. Now that there are no church fellowships, Sifa FM Marsabit programs especially the morning devotions and TWR Kenya programs keeps on offering me and my family spiritual nourishment.” He added

Daniel also encouraged us with Psalms 125:1

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.

As we winded up our encounter, Daniel requested that we continue to earnestly for the economy to stabilize so that he can be able to meet his financial obligations.

Indeed tough times never last but tough people do.

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By Mathew Wario Fayo. Additional Reporting by Geoffrey Otieno

June 22nd, 2020Geoffrey Otieno