Testimony: I was their house servant & they were not Christians but God used me.

This is how God used me, they had a young girl who grew fond of me and would always find me praying during my prayer time. Sometimes when she............

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It is quite a normal expectation for anyone on a job hunt to do a background search on potential employers. In fact, it is a handy requirement when one is preparing for a job interview. However, there are some jobs that it’s almost impossible to conduct such kind of searches e.g. domestic jobs or casual jobs that come your way and do not require official applications. In such cases you just pray that God would lead you to a good employer.

Well that is the situation that befell our listener Mary Waswa (not her real name) seven years ago when she made the decision to move from her rural home in Kakamega in Western Kenya to go look for a job in North Eastern Kenya. This is her testimony that she shared with us.

As single mother of five children and with no stable source of income, life was becoming tougher and tougher with each passing day but I still trusted that God will make away and never relented on my prayers. Then one day a relative who was working as a house servant in North Eastern called me and told me that there was a job opportunity of a house servant. Although I was in a desperate need of a job, I was faced with a tough decision of leaving my family and embarking on the over 700 KM journey to place that was constantly reporting negative news and known not to be unwelcoming to Christians. Being a believer also made me ask myself many questions on how I was am going to survive in case was placed in Non-Christian family. Being a prayerful person, I prayed and asked God to lead me to a good family.

The Lord answered my prayers and I still remember the way I was welcomed by my host family/employer. I was introduced the rules of the house and when it came to matters of faith, he rule was very clear. That my belief and prayers should not be in conflict with the family or my job and they would respect my religion and vice versa. The pay was also much more than I had expected.

This is how God used me, well this was a family from Somali and had opted to settle in the area. They had a young girl who grew fond of me and would always find me praying during my prayer time. Sometimes when she was sick she would ask me to pray for her and the sickness would go away without any treatment. She then started sharing about my prayers with her mother, her mother later started sending her with some family prayer needs, I prayed, and things would work well. After sometime, the family allowed me to be doing prayers before everyone went to sleep and before I prayed I would share God’s Word. That became the house routine all through my stay. Although there is no day they relinquished their religion but being receptive towards the Gospel was just enough for me because I knew this was not happening because of my own strength.

As time went by, I came to realize that there was reason as to why God had placed me in the family and in the area. The thirst for the Word was quite evident, other workers did have the kind of freedom of worship I had. At the same time, the constant attacks targeting Christians had made Christianity a very subtle religion. Some domestic workers were and are still being comprised to convert to their employers religion. So I took it upon myself to share the gospel whenever an opportunity would emerge. My gifting in prayers also helped me and I saw many healed through my prayers and others want to know more about my God. It was not easy but I managed and I did it with a lot of caution to avoid any conflict, I had never imagined that I would become a ‘secret evangelist’.

If there is one thing I will forever remain thankful for is Trans World Radio Kenya for establishing an FM station in the region because other than the Radio being my Church, listening to some of the programs like Neno Litaendelea (Thru The Bible in Swahili) that I used to listen years back in Kakamega brought me closer to home away from home. These programs are impacting many lives in North Eastern. This is the first station have seen that is very dedicated to their listeners and I introduced many people to their programs. May God continue to bless them

Looking back as I conclude, I thank God for establishing plans and sending me to my host family. I entered there as a stranger and by the time I was leaving I was part of the family. They even begged me to stay or think about relocating my family to the area but I had already prayed and God had directed me to leave and go be with my children. I am now back to my hometown and God blessed me through my employer because I can now comfortably provide for my family. In my journey of salvation, I have learnt to remain prayerful and patient and allow God to do His work through me.

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September 15th, 2020Geoffrey Otieno