Testimony from Tanzania: My five blessings after listening to Neno Litaendelea (TTB Swahili) Teachings

I am a Tanzanian and I live in Kigoma Province. My heart has given me this strong conviction to write to you this letter..... I have learned to be tolerant and having patience when am faced with life challenges. I acknowledge that despite all God will see me through just as He did to

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It’s always a great joy to receive testimonies from our listeners sharing how our Devotional or Developmental programs have been of great blessing to their lives. During program production, you address this imaginary listener and the listener brought to life to life when you start receiving the feedbacks. Feedback whether positive or negative is always of great importance to any one passing a message.

For over 20 years, Trans World Radio Kenya has been taking listeners for a walk through the Bible in different languages like Kiswahili, Gikuyu, etc through the Through The Bible (TTB) radio series commonly known as Neno Litaendelea & Rugendo in Swahili and Gikuyu languanges respectively. Since radio knows no boundary, the programs have been of blessing to listeners around the world depending on how and where they get our broadcasts signals.

Recently our Audience Relation’s department received a letter from a listener in Kiguma province in the neighboring country of Tanzania. The listener took his time to highlight five blessing lessons he has received as a result listening to Neno Litaendela.

Simon wrote

To the Producer Through The Bible Swahili (Neno Litaendela)

REF: The Five blessings I have received as a result if Listening to the teachings of the Neno Program

My dear beloved Producer of the Neno program, I am a Tanzanian and I live in Kigoma Province. My heart has given me this strong joyous conviction to write to you this letter. For one and half years now everyday from 6 PM, I have listened to your program through a local station here called Joy FM. Every day by 6 PM, I always make sure that I am near my Radio and ready to listen to the teachings by Pastor Geoffrey Wanjala Munialo, nothing can separate me from my Radio at that time. Although I feel that the thirty minutes is short for the teachings, I can't deny that am still blessed in the following five ways :

First- I have learned to be tolerant and having patience when am faced with life challenges. I acknowledge that despite all, God will see me through just as He did to Joseph while in prison. Am blessed to have peace and joy in my heart no matter what comes my way.

Second- I have learned that denominations/churches are pathways of seeking and leading us to one God. Our different understandings should NOT lead us to discriminate one another. We should value and be welcoming to one another. I am Blessed to have the freedom of witnessing to those I relate to i.e. in the office or at home also am blessed to enjoy the freedom of salvation other than understanding the Commandments given to Moses.

Third- I have learned how to deal with my worries when am with Christ just like Peter when he was captured, chained and put under tight security but still slept soundly not caring that he was going to die the next day. He only woke up when the Angel tapped him. I am Blessed to be able to let go all my worries for when am with Christ am safe and not as before.

Fourth- I have learnt that Job’s sin was to justify himself rather than God and thus got ridiculed in his suffering. . I have learnt that we are all sinners in making God come second and that I should be humble in my prayers to God. I should not be demanding. On this God has blessed at His own timing and right now am staying in a very decent house with no more despising as in the past.

Fifth- Pastor, every time you finish teaching, am always attached to the closing prayers you make and I feel a lot of happiness in my heart. On this God has continued to bless my work as mason by sending me more clients and establishing new projects.

May God bless the Neno team.

Simon’s letter reminds us of the words of 1st Peter 3:15 “but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;"

As Christians, we should never be ashamed to express the source of our hope & blessings. In doing this we will be fulfilling what the Lord expects from us at the same time as a listener by testifying through your letters, phone- calls or short messages you will not only be completing the effective communication pattern but you will be taking up the role of a great motivator to the team involved with the production.

Let me end with a quote from author Roy T. Bennet from the book Light in the Heart- “Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity. The greatest problem with communication is we don’t listen to understand. We listen to reply. When we listen with curiosity, we don’t listen with the intent to reply. We listen for what’s behind the words.”

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By Geoffrey Otieno

January 11th, 2018Geoffrey Otieno