A thirst in the desert

Imagine being a farm labourer in an area that is still regarded as a marginalized area, on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Your employers do not allow you to leave their premises and as a foreigner............

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Imagine being a 'shamba boy' (farm labourer) in an area that is still regarded as a marginalized area, on a farm in the middle of nowhere. As a foreigner you do not know the region well. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to direct anyone to the farm from the nearest town. Your employers who do not believe in Christianity do not allow you to leave their premises, even if you leave you cannot go far because your safety is not guaranteed, you have no access to any church or fellowship. All you have is your ‘Kabambe’ cell phone (old generation phone) and your daily companion, a small radio that you walk around with everywhere.

Such is the story of David (not his real name). See David is a new believer in his late 20s who has little education and understands basic English. He desires to know God more but because of his current predicaments he is only dependent on the devotions aired on Hekima FM (TWR Kenya FM project broadcasting in North Eastern Kenya ) to have a dose of the word. He often sends messages to the station asking to understand some verses in the bible since he owns an English bible.

Interacting with David the past few weeks has made me question a few things about my faith. See, I am a born again believer, I have been for a couple of years. However, if I am being honest I have been around believers all my life. You know, Sunday school for 8 years, I went to a Christian secondary and even a Christian university. Church is my second home and well TWR is also another church. In short, I have Christian fellowships all around me.

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I wonder, would my devotion to God be strong as it is or stronger, if I was as isolated like David? When I can’t speak to anyone about my faith other than someone on the other end of the phone, would I yearn for God more and more? Would I go out of my way to understand the bible writings, even though I don’t understand English? Would I hold onto the only amount of Christian interaction I have and grow my faith?

It is hard to believe that in the 20th century certain luxuries like, books, bibles, churches etc are things some people cannot access. We take for granted the fact that if you have a smart phone you have so much Christian content at your disposal. Even with this immense amount of access to Christian fellowship we still don’t thirst for Christ as we should.

The truth is many people in Kenya are like David (isolated) and others haven’t even heard the Gospel of Christ yet! You are dependent on the people and resources around you to grow your faith and if they are to be stripped from you, sadly your faith won’t grow.

Dear believer, do not depend on others or things to grow your faith. However, don’t forsake the fellowship of believers (Hebrews 10:25), there is a place for church and fellowship.

In the bible, Job lost everything. The very friends and family who were supposed to be encouraging him in the faith told him contrary. They mocked his faith and devotion to God through his hardships and loss. Job however stood firm in faith and devotion to God. It was clear that his growth was not dependent on the things or people around him.

  • “But He knows the way I take;

  • When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.

  • “My foot has held fast to His path;

  • I have kept His way and not turned aside *“I have not departed from the command of His lips;

  • I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food..

  •   **Job 23:10-12...**

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from Ndambo

October 4th, 2017Geoffrey Otieno