Trans World Radio Kenya Church mission leads an addict to Christ

August 28th will remain to be a red letter day in the life of John Karenga. Born 32 years ago in Muranga, he had never anticipated there would come a time when he would surrender his life to Christ.

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Pastor Martin Magu (Left) gives John Karenga a Gikuyu bible. (Center) Enos Changulo

August 28th will remain to be a red letter day in the life of John Karenga. Born 32 years ago in Muranga, he had never anticipated there would come a time when he would surrender his life to Christ.

When TWR Kenya's Church Relations department teamed up with Pastor Martin Magu of Deliverance Church Tumaini to plan for a Church mission in the month of August, little did they know that God was also preparing Karenga to be part of the congregation. After several postponements the teams finally settled on August 28th. As the Pastor and the congregation prepared to welcome the Sunday visitors and TWR Kenya on the other hand preparing a team for the Church mission, God was also preparing Karenga to surrender his life to Christ on this day.

John Karenga was raised in a christian family, he was comfortable with his life and had even gone ahead and started his own family. His life started taking a downward turn when he started taking alcohol & smoking bhang. Slowly by slowly he slid into bhang addiction without realizing it. He confessed that before all these addictions he loved reading his Gikuyu bible and also listening to Radio sermons, he vividly remembers listening to TWR’s Walk Thru The bible in Swahili also known as Neno Litaendelea and had also started listening toRugendo ( Thru the Bible in Gikuyu).

L-R Pastor Martin, Enos, John & Geoffrey Otieno outside Delivarenace Church Tumaini

As he continued to drift away from God his addiction grew stronger and it invited a lot of troubles in his life and marriage leading to separation as his wife could not cope with the addiction. He also remembers that the last time he stepped inside a church was 10 years ago. At that time he was self-employed cobbler and he had set up a small structure in Mumbi area where he used to operate from.

He recalls that sometimes in September last year while at his place of work, some youths from The Deliverance Church who were doing door to door mission came and shared the gospel with him and left him with a devotional booklet that had the Church’s rubber stamp and they also invited him to the church. It’s after reading this booklet that his desire for the word re kindled and since that time he has been battling that gospel desire. On Saturday 26th a day prior to the church mission, as he was heading home from work he heard this voice telling him, “Today you need to locate for that Church so that tomorrow you can attend.” He then sauntered as he tried to reconnect the direction he was given almost a year ago. Finally he was able to trace the Church and when he arrived at the gate he said to himself, “Tomorrow I must come and worship here.”

On the next day he among the first to arrive as confirmed by Pastor Martin Magu, who took the congregation through the book of Nehemiah Chapter 4 and Exodus Chapter 8 during the Bible Study Service before welcoming brother Enos Changulo from TWR’s Kenya church relations department to deliver the sermon on Discipleship from the book of Mathew. After the sermon the conviction for Keranga to surrender his life to Christ had grown stronger and when Pastor Magu made an alter call, he rose up and went to the front and pastor led him in surrendering his life to Christ.

(R) Pastor Martin welcomes John to the alter (R)Tumaini congregation

It was a mixture of joy and jubilation as the congregation welcomed John to the church and also celebrated his decision to surrender his life to Christ. Just the same way the angles were celebrating in heaven as written in the book of Luke 15:10 - In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.”

On behalf of Trans World Radio Kenya, we would like to say thank you to Pastor Martin Magu and the entire congregation of Deliverance Church Tumaini for welcoming Trans World Radio Kenya team to fellowship together. We also thank all our sponsors and partners who supports us with bibles & evangelism materials to make these missions successful. It was also wonderful to witness the Church appreaciate the Sunday School members who had won medals during a recent Sunday Schools athletics competition

TWR team donating bibles & evangelism materials to the Church

Let’s continue to pray for John and also those who have just begun the journey of salvation because as we all know the devil is not happy with their decision and will constantly try to win them back. We also pray that John will experience the goodness of Christ and his marriage will be restored and he will be able to get a stable job. (Currently he works a casual laborer on construction sites)

2 Corinthians 11:3 But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ.

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L-R Praise & Worship session & Geoffrey poses with Sunday School medal winners

Writer: Geoffrey Otieno

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September 4th, 2017Geoffrey Otieno