Testimonial: Mama Kulola -Dorothy Daily Devotional Taita Listener

Ogen Kulola is famously known in SIFA FM Voi as Mama Kulola, an avid listener to Dorothy Devotional Taita. Click on the link to learn more about her...


Ogen Kulola is famously known in SIFA FM Voi as Mama Kulola. She came to SIFA FM VOI offices to bring an advert, but just after the introduction I realized her name was familiar. She was one of the Sifa FM listeners who call the station very early in the morning to pray during Sifa FM Breakfast Show. I had a conversation with her about the station and about her daily prayers on air.

She comes from Landi, (just a few kilometers from Voi town, along the Voi Mwatate road) and she is a born again Christian who goes to church at Winners Chapel. Her face does not give her age very easily, it was a shock to learn that she was 74 years. She is active and very jovial and you can easily see the presence of the Lord in her life.

She is a Clinician by profession and had worked for the government before she retired. She now runs a small clinic which serves the locals at Landi area. She also mentioned that she has worked at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi for 15 years and apart from her daily work she also used to encourage the patients through the Word of God.

She has been listening to Sifa FM Voi for one year, and has been calling daily to pray on air in the last six months. She started praying on air after she realized that Sifa FM is spreading pure gospel and that its preaching is not mixed with political issues. Mama Kulola, now a widow has one daughter who is not only married but also born again together with her husband, something she counts as a big blessing.

Her favorite program is Dorothy Daily Devotional Taita. She passionately shared that ever since she started listening to the program , she has been growing spiritually day by day. She has managed to influence three neighbors to listen to the program from Monday through Friday as a way of spreading the gospel.

Mama Kulola could not hide her joy when she received a gift of a Taita Bible on 23rd May 2018.

Mama Kulola 1.jpg Edgar Kalimbo (Sifa FM Voi station Manager) and Mama Kulola

“Today, I have received something I have been seeking for so long”, she said. “I have nothing to give back to Trans World Radio except to pray every day for the station and the staff.

We thank God for this great testimony. Listen to Dorothy Devotional Taita on SIFA FM VOI 107.7 Monday to Friday at 5.05am to 5.20 am and Dorothy Devotional Kiswahili every Monday to Friday at 10.5am. By Edgar Kalimbo

June 5th, 2018Libby Ndambo