Walking Through The Bible on Radio

I can’t walk to church but I have a Radio Pastor who takes me for a truthful journey through the bible". That is how he recommended Rugendo to me. As producers of Radio programs, its always not easy to realize the true impact of your programs not unless you


As producers of Radio programs, its always not easy to realize the true impact of your programs not unless you receive the listener testimonies through the feedback line or get a chance to meet your listeners. As was the case when Trans World Radio Kenya team organized for a visit to the listeners of a walk Thru the Bible in Gikuyu (TTB) program commonly known as Rugendo that airs on Coro FM.

The meeting at Christ Lordship Ministry church in Githurai was organized by the TWR team through the help of Pastor Peter Gitau a loyal listener also the ministry’s leader. Despite the meeting happening on the outskirts of Nairobi next to a busy market area, over 30 listeners we able to sacrifice their busy schedule and come to meet their favorite Radio Pastor, Pastor James Karichu who also accompanied by Branko Bjelajac -TWR International Vice President for Africa, Egide Bandyatuyaga TWR Director for East Africa Region alongside the TWR Kenya staff. During the meeting, some listeners were given a chance to share their testimonies on the program. Here are some of the testimonies:

"My name is Kevin Karanja am 23 years old and am From Muranga. I serve as a Praise and Worship leader, translator and a Sunday School teacher here at Christ Lordship Church. About Rugendo Program, you see I come from a strong Christian family, my grandparents are pastors. My grandfather has ministry called Victory Center in the village. He used to preach there, later on was diagnosed with diabetes and he could no longer go to church as it was far and he is confined to a wheelchair. I came to realize that there is this Bible program he loves listening and one day he told me “I can’t walk to church but I have a Radio Pastor who takes me for a truthful journey through the bible” That is how he recommended Rugendo to me and I have grown up listening and being blessed by the program. I have become an adherent listener and sometimes when I go to the village and find that he is not listening I always ask if the radio has no batteries so that I buy. Since it my grandfather who introduced me to this great program I also hope to recommend it to my future grand and great children. The pastor has been a blessing to me and it’s wonderful to meet him today.

Am Pastor Peter Gitau and I have history with Trans World Radio, I used to listen to Neno Litaendelea Program (Walk Thru The Bible in Swahili) by Pastor Geoffrey Wanjala Munialo, then later on during my wedding I met Pastor James Karichu and that’s how I came to learn that He was doing a program called Rugendo and that is how I started listening and I can frankly tell you that the program has been a blessing to my life and ministry. Most of my sermons have inspired by the program and the books I have received from Trans World Radio. I like the way the Pastor takes us through the bible’s historical events step by step and I even take notes. You see as a preacher you can’t preach alone you most have some people ahead to guide and Rugendo program is my guider. I thank God for pastor and Trans World Radio Kenya Ministry. Am Mama Simon and am born again what I can is that am today very happy to meet the Rugendo team. The program has helped me to grow spiritually and re affirm my faith. Some of the bible chapters I could not be able to understand are now clearer thanks to the walk through the Bible and may the journey continue and God bless Rugendo team.


Praise God am Pastor James Mwangi and today its great joy to me today to finally see Rugendo team face to face. He has been a blessing to me and he has widened my understanding of the bible through the program. I remember one day after listening to the program together with my wife I confessed to her.. “Mimi ni mchungaji lakini huyu mtu ako na Neno la Mungu” (I am a Pastor but this man has The word of the Lord). I do outreaches and so I travel a lot, most of the times the program airs when am not at home so I went and bought myself earphones and I always plug it to my phone to get to listen to the program. Some people have been amazed when see an elderly man like me behaving like a dot com generation by having earphones stuck to my ears. If only they could realize how am being blessed. Thank you for the program.

Praise God am Peter Muya am an upcoming gospel musician and my stage name is Jerry Son and today is a great day for me because am having a chance to appreciate my favorite pastor who I usually listen over the Radio and I can confidently confirm that there is no difference between the sermon I hear over the Radio and what I have heard here today. Pastor is not a pretender he is a blessed humble man of God who has been a blessing to my life through the in-depth analysis of the bible and am sure you have all confirmed that he is gifted. God bless you and God the ministry.

You can join Pastor James Karichu every Monday to Friday at 10:30 Am on Coro FM for a Walk Thru The Bible in Kikuyu - Rugendo

By Geoffrey Otieno

October 14th, 2016Geoffrey Otieno