In working for God you don’t retire but 're-tyre'

Whenever the word 'retirement' is mentioned to any worker its carries with it presaging thoughts like am old and unproductive, am nearing death or even relieving thought like it’s now time to rest as I enjoy..................

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Whenever the word retirement is mentioned to any worker its carries with it presaging thoughts like am old and unproductive, am nearing death or even relieving thought like it’s now time to rest as I enjoy the benefits of my productive years. However for those in ministry it’s different as shared by Pastor James Karichu of Rugendo (Thru The Bible in Gikuyu) program during recent listeners Church visit.

Top Photo Pastor lay a hand on the Karanja's,below is Pastor & the family

Sunday 12th February was no ordinary Sunday service for members of Kahariro Victory Church in Kahumbu location Kigumo constituency Muranga County. It was the day they were congregating for a thanksgiving service in honor of their pastor, Pastor Amos Karanja who had served them since 1986 and was now passing the ministry button to his wife Pastor Grace Karanja.

You may be asking how Trans World knew about the service. Well, last year during a Meet the Listeners visit with TWR President for Africa and The East Africa Region director, we met Kevin Karanja, the grandson to Pastor Amos who shared how his grandfather was an adherent listener of Rugendo Program and had even introduced him to the program, at that time pastor was confined to a wheelchair and could no longer go to church and thus The Walk Thru The Bible every weekday from 10:30 AM on Coro FM, our partnering station became his Church. It was on this day we promised Kevin that one day we will visit his grandfather to personally thank him for listening.

L-R Bishop Mungai & Pastor Karanja, TWR Team, & Victory Ministry Pastors

Back to the church, after songs of praises had rented the air, it was now time to welcome the words of encouragement to pastor and when Pastor James arose to introduce the Trans World Radio Kenya team, one would not miss to see the exhilaration written all over the faces of the congregation especially when Pastor James and Njeri Thuku introduced themselves. Njeri is the producer of Dorothy Daily Devotion in Gikuyu commonly referred to as Tabarira ya Dorothy that also airs on Coro Fm every weekday from 5:45AM.

As a human, we believe that anybody going for retirement is someone who has completed his work and is now going to rest as he waits for his final hour. Today am here to encourage our brother that in serving God there is no retirement. We work for Him until our last day on earth. We are like the wheels of a vehicle, for example if you have a car that has served you for long and you notice that the tyres (wheels) are worn out, you don’t do away with the car but you replace the tyres (‘re-tyre’) and you continue with the journey and if you were driving a big lorry you double the rear wheels to add more strength.” Pastor James explained

As he continued he reminded Pastor Amos that this is the time that he was going to play an indirect big role in God’s ministry i.e he may not have the energy to walk to church but he will surely have the energy to carry the prayer burden for his congregation, family, etc as many people will come to him for advice, prayers and encouragements so he will need to do a lot of research, bible study and ask God for guidance so that he has the right words to encourage and counsel.

*“To help you accomplish this new task ahead we will give you The Word For Today Study Bible by Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel to guide you in understanding the Bible and a Tecsun Radio so that we continue with walk Thru The Bible together on Radio. He said. “By the way the late Pastor Chuck Smith once said that he realized that he had done a lot for the ministry during his ‘retirement years." He added

Pastor James & Njeri Thuku presents gifts to Pastor Karanja & the Church

When Pastor Amos rose to speak, he thanked Tran World Radio Kenya for the Through The Bible program adding that there are was a time when he was undergoing through a challenge and He always found encouragement whenever he listened to the program. "The program has been a blessing and I cannot afford to miss it, I always carried my radio to my place of work so that I can listen as I work. The fact that I can stand and speak is big testimony of what The Lord has done to my life, family, and the Church and am really happy to finally meet Pastor today." He said "You have been a blessing to me and many other I pray that may God continue to bless and use you." He added.

Sentiments also echoed by his wife Pastor Grace who also shared how they had seen God’s hand by briefly reminiscing how they started the Church by worshiping in rented plot before they later mobilized resources, purchased the current land built a permanent church.

Among those who were in attendance were Pastor’s family, Rev Peter Mungai the Bishop in charge of Victory Church Ministry alongside other invited guests, pastors and church members who were all excited to finally meet the faces behind the voices in Dorothy Devotion Gikuyu and Rugendo.

It was indeed a wonderful opportunity for us to join our listeners on this important occasion and we were heartened when we saw how the man of God had influenced his entire family to fall in love with our programs as each of them came to personally express their gratitude. We also take this opportunity to thank our friends and partners who support this programs and many others. Through your support we were able distribute bibles, Tecsun Radios, spiritual enriching books like Food For Faith &Quest for God by Richard Bennet ( under Dorothy Daily Devotion Radio program which you can also listen on KBC English Service every Sunday at 7:25 PM).

Caleb was 85 years old when he received his inheritance that he had waited for years and this is what he had said in Joshua 14:10-12 “Now, as you can see, the LORD has kept me alive and well as he promised for all these forty-five years since Moses made this promise—even while Israel wandered in the wilderness. Today I am eighty-five years old. I am as strong now as I was when Moses sent me on that journey, and I can still travel and fight as well as I could then. So give me the hill country that the LORD promised me…”

Indeed lets not retire from doing God’s work always ask God for ‘re-tyre’ if you feel worn out beacuse there are many souls that need to be saved.

By Geoffrey Otieno

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