Sifa FM Marsabit


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It is situated in the center of Marsabit town and broadcasts in Swahili, Borana, Rendille to an area of 150 km radius. It reaches approximately 300,000 people with its award-winning journalists that cover different socio-economic-development issues that range from education, environmental matters, insecurity, health, the local economy that is livestock driven, among others.

Sifa FM in Marsabit continues to work closely with different NGOs, CBOs, the county government and other partners to bring to the fore issues that affect the residents of Marsabit county.

The areas covered include Bubisa, Turbi, Kubi Gallo, Shur and Maikona in North Horr constituency. The whole of Saku constituency, Kargi, Oltorot, Mt. Kulal, Nkororoi,, Arapai, Kituruni, Leyai and IIpus in parts of Loiyangalani, Laisamis constituency and Moyale.